Sunday, January 20, 2008

felicitys ass

Veronica couldn't believe her eyes. She had invited Rob to her appartment and now he was fucking her roommate right in front of her. Well, almost in front of her would be a better word since the two were discrete enough to do it in the bathroom. The only problem was that Veronica needed to pee badly and all those sounds coming from inside the bathroom were not helping her at all. To make the matters worse, Rob and Felicity had left the door half open. Every 30 seconds Veronica would make a move towards the bathroom only to see Rob and Felicity locked in an embrace, kissing each other as if they had never kissed anyone. Anyone else would have thrown them out, but Veronica was a shy kind and she didn't know how to throw people out. Neither did she know how to say no.

She had met Rob in the bar on the corner of the street, just sitting there and drinking beer, just like any other man. And yet, there was something about him that had instantly appealed to her. It was a charm that she could not put words to. He had been rather shabbily dressed in torn jeans, long hair that have never been washed and a t-shirt that proclaimed him Jim Morrison fan. Nevertheless, something about him had attracted Veronica so much that she had decided to take the seat right next to him. She had been surprised to find that he actually smelled good.
Seeing Veronica choose a seat right next to him had been a clear signal to Rob. Specially since the bar had been half empty. He had drilled his beer in one gulp and moved over to Veronica, starting a conversation about the God of Cock. And fifteen minutes later Veronica had surprised herself by inviting him over to her appartment that she shared with Felicity. On the way to the appartment Rob had filled her ears with just how beautiful he found her.

Throughout the two minute walk he had showered Veronica with gentle and tender kisses, making her wish for more. On the elevator he had literally gone down on her, pulling her skirt up and caressing her ass while he kissed her mouth. Never in her life Veronica had experienced such a good kiss. They had actually stayed outside the appartment door kissing and making out for five minutes before Veronica realized that people were walking by and pulled Rob into the appartment. That however, she now realized, had been a big mistake.

Just as they had entered the appartment Felicity had gotten out of the shower wearing nothing more than a towel. Her blonde wet hair, her sweet innocent face and her trim body had caused an immediate change of heart in Rob. Where he had been kissing Veronica and telling her just how beautiful she was, in front of the 18 year old Felicity, he had immediately become cold to her. He had taken off his arm that only moments ago had been inside her bra.

Felicity hadn't been much better about it either. The moment Rob had entered she had taken an overt liking for him. And when he excused himself to go to the toilet, so did she. Moments later Veronica could hear the muffled sounds of kissing coming from the only toilet in their small two-room appartment. Only, now the sounds were not so muffled and Veronica could make out just how good a lover Rob really was. The two had passed nearly 15 minutes doing nothing but kissing each other. Everytime Felicity took her mouth off Rob's she would moan loudly. Veronica could imagine Rob's lips licking her roommate's neck just as he had done to her. She could still feel his warmth on the base of her own neck. It got her extremely irritated and now nature's call was added to irritation.

She walked again towards the bathroom, making as much noise as she dared to make. She hoped they would hear her walking, get embarassed and get out of the damned toilet so she could take a leak. They did nothing of the sort, rather the exagerated noice of Veronica's footsteps seemed to turn them on even further. Felicity let out such a loud moan that Veronica was sure that their next door neighbors (who were a gay couple) would come charging at their door. They had already done that once when Felicity had brought home an exceptionally loud lover. Right now, Felicity was making more noise than she had ever done before. Deep within, this excited Veronica some. But that only added to her agony. Still she walked all the way to the toilet, hoping against hope that the lovey-dovey couple would get out and let her pee. She was no longer angry, just anxious. She knew that Felicity was a much better looking babe and she faulted herself for inviting Rob home. She should have gone over to his place.

As she walked to the half open door she could clearly see the two of them. The passionate kissing seemed to have ended and that came as a relief to Veronica. She relaxed her tensed muscles some. That, however, was not a good idea. The moment she relaxed her muscles, she also let go of her control over her vaginal muscles that were holding her from urinating right into her skirt. A bit of pee seeped out, much to the horror of this sexy brunette, wetting her panties and skirt. She exerted more control, holding back her pee.

She looked hopefully towards the bathroom. The kissing had indeed stopped, but it was not because they had heard her come. The action had now shifted to Felicity gorgeous C-cup breasts that looked succulent even from where Veronica stood. She wished she had her mouth on those lovely pink nipples. She had thought about it often enough, but had never had the courage to propose to Felicity. Besides she knew fully well that her blonde mate was crazy about cocks. The idea of lesbian relationship held a slight horror for Veronica too, as something un-natural, but whenever she had looked at Felicity's naked body, those morals had gone out of her head at a lightening speed. Right now, it was Rob who was profiting from Felicity's gorgeous body. Seeing him kiss those lovely pink nipples made Veronica touch her own breasts, which she knew were hardly of the same quality. Though she was only twenty, her breasts had started to sag a little already. She often wondered just how did Felicity manage to keep her's as full and tight.

These thoughts didn't last for long though as a slight pain in her tummu reminded her just how full her bladded really was and just how much she needed to relieve it. She started to turn around to sit on the couch but she stopped in her track seeing Felicity bending down on her knees.Her white towel was completely off and she was now wearing what she had been born in. Her pinkish brown pussy lips were cleanly shaved, the first time Veronica had really seen them. Felicity was now down on her knees caressing Rob's manhood over his pants. Then using her dainty little fingers she opened his zipper. Evidently Rob was not wearing any underwear and his entire cock sprang to attention to the view of both girls. Veronica was surprised to see the size of it. She was sure she would have screamed and ran out had it been her.

That monster cock must have been over 14 inches! Felicity on the other hand seemed to have no such problems. Rather she seemed to be enjoying the long shaft of this shabby looking rock fan. Her hand moved lithely up and down his shaft, caressing it all the way. Then she spit into her hand, wetting it to give more lubrication as she wanked Rob's long dick in her hand. Once it was as hard as she wanted it to be, she brought her sweet mouth over its rather large head and moved her tongue all over it, wetting it some more.Veronica stole a look at Rob's face. It was clear that he was thouroughly enjoying himself. Well who wouldn't? Veronica asked herself looking at her gorgeous roommate again. Her own pussy was now starting to act up, much to her agony. For the more her pussy acted up, the more she got excited, the harder it became to control her own piss.

Then Felicity did something really dirty. Taking off Rob's pants completey, she inserted a finger in his anus, in full view of Veronica. Then she took his cock right in her throat. She pushed her sweet little mouth all over it, taking it deeper and deeper all the way in! Veronica had never seen something like this in her entire life. She couldn't believe that her sexy roommate had just taken an entire 14 inch cock right into her throat. Excitement mixed with surprise left her devoid of control over what happened next. Her pussy gave up trying to control and hot piss streamed out of it. Veronica could feel the warm liquid gushing out of her pussy like torrents of rain that often poured in this part of the world. Her panties were completely soaked inside out and now she could feel the piss dripping out of her.

Within moments her entire skirt was wet both in front and back. Golden warm trickles seeped down her shapely legs. As if by reaction she touched her pussy that was soaked by her own piss. She was extremely embarassed by what had transpired. When she looked down, she was a sizeable puddle that had created right besides her piss. She could feel the dirty smell of urine emanciating from the puddle. Before trying to clean her mess she stole a look at her roommate to see what she was upto.

Felicity seemed to have gotten bored deep throating Rob's monster cock. Rob was now sitting on the toilet seat and Felicity was on him, with her back towards him, riding his long and hard cock. Veronica stole a closer look at her blonde room-mate's pussy. She was surprised that she could see all of it! Felicity had that monster cock rught up her ass and she was moving up and down with a gusto! Just then Felicity looked up and saw Veronica staring at her. For what seemed like eternity, their eyes met, and then she blew a kiss to Veronica.

Already warm by her own piss, Veronica was now hot with embarassement. Yet she did not stop staring back. She saw Felicity's eyes move down her body onto her skirt. They seemed to rest on something. Veronica looked down to see what Felicity was staring at. Indeed it was her skirt wet from her own piss, but it was also her hand which was now moving on its own accord over her hot pussy, masturbating it slowly without her even realizing. She looked back up at Felicity who was now smiling naughtily. Fifteen minutes later, Rob had gone leaving the two girls alone, with Felicity's ass full of his cum. Felicity now lay with her legs in the air so as to keep the hot cum inside her. She had bodily thrown out Rob once he had finished cumming in her sweet little ass. And Veronica, covered with her own piss was now licking his cum from Felicity's sweet asshole. With two fingers she opened up Felicity's ass a bit wider, her roommate too opened her legs wide to give her access. Then putting her tongue inside the tight shit-hole of Felicity, Veronica took out a large blob of thick white cum that was mixed with small amounts of shit from her room mates rectum. With cum in her mouth she moved over to Felicity's mouth.

Their mouths locked onto one another. Felicity moved her tongue deep into Veronica's cum and shit full mouth, sucking out the droplets of Rob's thick white cum that had turned brown with the addition of her own shit. Then she kissed the brunette some more, gently and lovingly. The two girls dozed off in each others arms, Veronica still full of her own piss and Felicity of her shit and Rob's cum.from

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