Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A dip in the lake

It was mid summer, and we were on vacation in the country. Hiking in the woods and biking on the trails were our outdoor pleasures. We were intenet on visiting every national park we could before it was time to return to the real world of school in the fall. I would graduate next year with a degree in English and he had another year after that. This was our last hoorah before September. After a whole morning of hiking, he was ready for the longest run of the bike trails. I was ready for a good swim in the cool water of the lake. So, we agreed to separate and meet back at our cabin for dinner.

I waved goodbye and went to the shower-room on the beach to change. I came out wearing my favorite black bikini and a sunhat...and of course toting my superstrength sunblock. (The perils of having fair skin.) I went out to the hot sand and layed my blanket down. Then, I layed down on by stomach and started reading my book. Then, a shadow blocked the warm sun from my skin and I looked up, expecting to see him. Hello, the shadow said. It was a female voice. Yes? I responded. I just finished reading that book last week. What do you think of it? A female! I thought. And one who had taste in literature. This was great. After 2 weeks of strictly male company, this was really a nice change. As you can see, I am only about three-quarters through it, so don't give anything away! But, so far I love it, I told her. We laid there and talked for a long time. She was a very inteligent, well spoken woman. And she was beautiful. Dark hair, deep brown eyes,and a tan to die for. Quite a contrast to my red hair and pale skin. Your back is going to burn if you don't put on some more sunscreen, she told me.

She was right, the sun was cruel to me. Then, she picked up the sunblock and began applying it to my skin. Her hands felt wonderful on my back, massaging gently while rubbing the cream into my skin. First on my back, then up to my shoulders and arms, then to my legs. Her hands touched every part of me that was not covered by the sparse fabric of my bikini. When she at last moved her hands to my ass, which was not covered by the wonderful black thong, I thought I was going to die. I did not expect it at all. But I wasn't upset by it either. My mind wandered back to the girl who lived down the hall from me when I used to live in the dorms. She was my first experiment with with bisexuality. We had masturbated together..which eventually led to much more. I wondered now if this woman on the beach had that in mind. Then, I felt her hands on my inner thighs. Moving up slowly toward my pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter with each touch of her hand to my skin. Then, her hand finally brushed lightly against that ever so sensitive spot. My goodness, she whispered. Then I knew that she was aware of my arroused state. Then, she rolled me over so that she was straddling my upper thighs and began rubbing my flat tummy. She quickly moved up to my chest and reached her hand beneath my bikini top to grab my bare breast.

I gasped in pleasant surprise, not even thinking about the other people on the beach. Let's go in for a swim, She suggested. I followed her into the water where we waded out until we were shoulder-deep. As soon as we were veiled from the eyes of the other beach loungers, she began fondling me beneath the water. And I happily returned the favor. We kissed pasionately. Her wet hair stuck to myskin as she kissed my neck and ears. Under the water, she had both hands on my breasts, tweaking my nipples and pinching them lightly. I was in the process of untieing the stap around her neck in order to completely free her breasts for my enjoyment. Once they were free, I did the same for mine and pressed our breasts together. It was wonderful to feel her hard nipples against my skin, and very arousing to rub mine against hers.

Once we were standing so close, she moved her hand between my legs for the first time. She rubbed my pussy through the fabric of my bikini bottoms. I wasn't so patient, as I instantly slid my hand beneath her swimsuit to feel her cunt. She moaned as I slid first one finger then two into her hot hole. Then whispered, I'm not going to be so nice to you. I'm going to tease you until you can't stand it. I wanted to feel her cum on my hand. I love the feel of those muscles grasping my fingers with the violence of a huge orgasm. So, I went to work with both hands. One with fingers in her cunt, the other rubbing her clit expertly. With the distraction of so much pleasure, she gave up touching me and just placed her hands on my hips for balance in the deep water. We continued kissing as I worked on her body. My rubbing ranged from light to violently urgent. When she finally came, it was wonderfully intense and her moans--I am sure--were heard by the people on the beach. Even though her orgasm was strong, I had a feeling it would get stronger as we went.

God, I wanted to taste her juices that were being wasted on the lake. I looked around as she recovered from her spasms. Just beyond the rope was a pontoon platform that was used for diving. It was late enough in the season that few people were on the beach, and no one was on the platform. I gave her a wink and began swimming to the floating island. When I got there, i pulled myself up and waited for her to join me. As soon as she pulled herself out of the water, I took her in my arms. We kissed and held each other very close, our breasts still bare. Our tits were so wet and slid against each other easily. And our nipples were so hard as the breeze cooled their wet surfaces. Before we knew it, we were both completely naked, our bikinis in a pile beside our bodies. I want to taste your cunt. I whispered in her ear. Really? she asked seductively, as she straddled my head. Her beautiful pussy flowered open before my eyes. I could see how it glistened with the combined wetness of the lake and her juices. She lowered herself to my mouth painfully slow. I wanted to taste her so bad. Finally, I grabbed her thighs and took her cunt suddenly into my mouth. She gasped and I knew she liked the force of it. I gently bit her long, aching clit. AH! Bite me harder! she moaned. And she began fingering me, first my clit, then sliding two or three fingers deep into my hole. and I stopped what I was doing. I won't bite anymore until you lick me off. I commanded. With that, she grabbed my ass and pulled my cunt to her mouth. Her hot tongue felt wonderful on my pussy. She rapidly flicked my clit and it tingled with the anticipation of the orgasm I knew I would feel. Then, her tongue moved to my hole, probing expertly. Her tongue was so long....

Then, without warning, I felt a finger jam into my ass, and I exploded with spasms of pleasure. Oh my God! I screamed. And I pulled her cunt back to my mouth wanting her to feel it too. I bit her clit as hard as she wanted me to. Her hips started rolling over my face, spreading her juices everywhere. She tasted so good. Then, she got up. What are you doing? I asked. Without a word, she pressed her cunt to my breasts. My shoulders were pinned down by her knees and I was defenseless. Then she began to rub her pussy all over my tits, getting them so wet. Watch me finger myself. she said. Watch me and tell me how much you like it. Do you like to see my fingers slide in and out? I know how much you like to watch me...and you wish you were touching me, don't you? You want to lick me and taste me again. Oh.....it feels so good This was soo hot. She was rolling her hips against my boobs, pumping her cunt against her hands. Both her hands were hard at work on her beautiful pussy. Watch me. Oh God.....Yes.....Oh....so good......yeah, yeah....
do you want me to cum? Do you? I'm gonna....oh... Cum for me. Cum all over my tits. I told her.

She laid on the mat beside me and moaned. Before I knew it, we were dressed and on our way back to shore. When we got there, I flopped down on the blanked and reached into my bag, searching for my watch. Oh, no.... I said. I have to go. Where? she inquired. Well, I have to meet my fiance for dinner at our cabin in 30 minutes. Want to come with? I bet he'd like you! Are you sure? With that, we were on our way toward what would be the best night of our vacation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello Kcee.
It's me, Nadia. You remember me right?
Of course you do. You can't forget me. I know you can't hear me, but I know you're there. Don't worry about the static on the line. I'm so excited we can talk. Like we used to. Don't you remember how we used to talk Kcee? We always talked. About everything.We were best friends. We were more than best friends. We were lovers.No, I'm sorry we were more than that Kcee. We were one. I can still see you Kcee. In my mind.

Your long, sexy legs. Those curved hips, that I loved to touch and grab all the time. Your slender arms that wrapped around me at night. Those beautiful huge breasts, with those dark hard nipples that I loved to suck on at nights. That nice little ass of yours, that would sway with each step you took. Your smooth ebony skin that I would run my tongue all over, and those lips of yours.

Mmm Mmm. Do you know which lips I'm talking about? Hehe. I always thought you were beautiful. I can never be as beautiful as you are. I'm not bad looking, but no comparison to you. My black hair isn't as long as yours, and I'm not as tall as you are either. But you loved my breasts, even though they weren't as big as yours, you still loved to play with them and suck on them. We could almost pass for sisters, but you were always so pretty.I miss all that Kcee. I really do. I miss those big brown eyes of yours. Remember when we first met? I do. We met when we were kids. When we were 12. No. I think it was when we were 11.

Anyways, I was new in town, and when I got to this new school, no one would talk to me. But you did. We became real close. We would always talk to each other about everything. As the years went by we became closer and when we were in high school, our senior year, I knew we would become more than friends. I loved you. You love me right? Of course you do. I'm not crazy. I know I'm talking to a dial tone, but I'm not crazy. You don't think I'm crazy do you? Of course not.

Remember when you dragged me out to that place to try out for modeling?I told you, that I couldn't be a model. You said, yes you can, you are gorgeous.Of course that flattered me, and ultimately I accepted. I remember you were so excited and nearly shaking. We both were 17 at the time and we faked our ages so we could get into the real good modeling acts. We walked in to that place all made up. I thought for sure we were gonna get caught, but we didn't. They took some pictures of us, but naturally the went crazy on how beautiful you looked. They took a lot of pictures of you. All those lights. It drove me crazy. I was angry at you. You dragged me down to that stupid thing, and of course you knew that you were going to get picked, but all of that faded away, as you reassured me that I was going to be a model too. You let them take pictures of you all the time. The way you posed and gave those sexy looks towards the camera, as the lights flashed. I got wet just staring at you. You didn't know it, but I was deeply mad in love with you. I wanted to touch you hold you kiss you, but I was too afraid of what you would think.

I watched you as you became the star. Kcee the model. I was your little friend in the background. You were the shooting star, and I was the trail of dust left behind.But shooting stars only last for a second. I knew that, but you didn't. It was like you had to have the cameras always watching you. All those people taking pictures, making you pose this way, or pose that way. They did your hair, and you make up, and your clothes, and you just posed.And there were the other girl models.They didn't like me. I always stood around the studio, like a lost child. They didn't know I was with you, but you never bothered to tell them. I didn't care, all I cared about was being with you. Watching you.

Those girls watched me Kcee. They were watching you too. Whispering. I could tell you liked those girls. The one with the wild blond hair, and small tits. And there was the other one with those sharp blue eyes, and brown curly hair. I don't remember much about them, or vaguely what they look like. Maybe it's because I don't want to remember. I didn't like them. But I really didn't like what the modeling was doing to you. You were different. I saw you do things I never would have dreamed about you doing, like the pot. You said it was only one time, but I know it was more than that. And then there was the time I saw you and those two girls in that bedroom.
I wasn't spying on you. I walked by on accident and saw the door open a little, and you and those girls were in there on the bed together. I remember seeing you naked and the other girls were too. The girl with the brown curly hair was sucking on your nipples and rubbing her hand on your stomach. The blond had her face buried deep in your cunt. I was jealous at first, but then an overwhelming arousal came over me. I couldn't explain it, but I was getting wet between my legs, and this tingling sensation hit me all over my body just looking at the girl licking and sucking away at your clit.

You were moving you hips all around humping that blond's head as she sucked on your pussy and probed her finger in and out of your sweet twat.I watched you guys.The girl with curls straddled you, so she was on top and started to ride her pussy all over you, while the blond still was licking and sucking all over you pussy. I could hear you moaning as you received wonderful pleasures from these girls. My guess was this wasn't their first time. The blond then crawled up further on you and kissed you with her cunt drenched lips.I began to touch myself at that very moment, moving my fingers up my skirt, touching my wet pussy. I loved what I was seeing, but I couldn't believe that it was you I was seeing.I pulled my underwear aside and started to move my clit around in circles to the rhythm of you girls.

The girl with the curls then positioned her body so that she was in between your legs, and you could feel that hot cunt of hers on you wet pussy. She kissed and sucked on your neck as you both wildly humped each other, thrusting up and down together on the bed. The moans in the room were getting louder and the bed shook violently.I started to finger myself feverishly, pretending those were your fingers probing and touching my pussy.The blond straddled herself, so that her pussy was right on your face. I stared in belief, as she lapped at her pussy above you, as you humped on that other girl, with your legs wrapped tight around her. Your hands grabbed the blond's legs and you sucked on her clit, rolling around on your tongue. The blond held on to the head board and rolled her hips around in little figure eights.

I rubbed my clit against my hand faster and faster moving it around circles quickly. I wanted to come and come and feel my juices.The brown haired girl humped and bucked on your pussy while she sucked around on your neck. Her moaning was becoming louder and louder into pleasurable screams. You were fingering the blond, as she bounced up and down your fingers, while you used you other hand to rub her clit around.The bed moved even faster and you guys were going faster on each other, sucking, kissing, humping. Until you climaxed with your legs wrapped around the girl with curls waist. She came too, as her movements became soft grinds and her sounds became whimpers. The blond threw her head back and grinded her pussy on your face as she came, and cum gushed on your face which you hungrily lapped and sucked up.
I shuddered as my orgasm came in strong throbs.You looked over towards the door, where I was looking from.To this day Kcee, I still don't know if you saw me or not, but with that one glance from you, it said I know you're watching me, and you being Kcee, I know you loved it.I keep hearing that steady beep in my ear from the phone, telling me my phone is off the hook.I know it's off the hook, I'm talking to you Kcee.Oh Kcee, after I saw you and those girls in that bedroom I dreamed and longed for you ever since. But like always you went back to modeling, all the eyes on you. You were always on tv, movies, and magazines.You could do anything with that camera that always pointed towards you and you knew it. But I knew that little secret behind the camera.Yes, you didn't think I knew about the drugs, but I knew Kcee.I watched you shoot up and snort up whatever was put in your face.

Suddenly Kcee, the cameras started to fade, and they were all distorted images to you, huh Kcee. That high pillar you stood on seemed to crumble and melt away as the drugs ate away at the base.I felt so sorry for you. The cameras stopped clicking, the magazines and tv shows stopped caring. Those girls pushed you.You fell. And I caught you. I tried to boost you back up, but no one cared any more except me. As the time went by, so did your career. I, however never moved on. I was willing to stick by you, forever.Now Kcee, I know were you thankful all the time you were thankful. After you got clean, we became friends again. Things were like they used to be, but I would always notice a little glimmer in your eye every time you looked at me, and as the days past you smiled again. I didn't know if you felt the same way about me, as I felt about you, but I could tell you did. I saw that same glimmer in your eyes, when we first had sex that night together.

I remember that night well Kcee.We were on my bed just laughing at and laying next to each other on our backs. You rolled over on your tummy and asked me if I was mad at you for the way you acted when you were modeling.I said no Kcee. Of course not. And you seemed very satisfied with that answer. We stared into each others eyes for a long time silently. Then you bent down and kissed my lips. I opened my eyes real wide. I was stunned, yet very excited. You smiled and caressed my cheek. You kissed me again, this time slipping your tongue inside my mouth to meet mine. I returned the kiss happily, sucking on your tongue. Your hands explored my body at while you kissed me tenderly. We clawed and tore at each others clothes, getting them off until we were naked on the bed. You sucked on my nipples like a hungry baby, while your hands squeezed my breasts. I touched your curly hair as you sucked and squeezed my tits. I loved this feeling that was coming over me. You had no idea how long I was waiting for this. You got on top of me and kissed and frenched my belly button, and then began to work your way down to my wet cunt. I felt your fingers lightly touch my pussy lips. I cried out in ecstasy from your touch. You moved your fingers up and down on my pussy and then began to rub my clit around in little circles. I jerked my hips up from your pleasurable fingers. You replaced your fingers on my clit with your tongue and began to suck on my clit and moving it around in your mouth with your tongue. You sucked and licked vigorously on my clit, rubbing it around in circles. I humped and thrusted my pussy towards your face wanting to feel you more and more. You ran your tongue along my slit and began to tongue fuck me, probing your tongue in and out of me, and then moving it around inside of me. I wiggled and squirmed with your every touch as I exploded my hot girl cum on to your lips. You buried your face deep into me as I came wave after wave, my pussy high in the air. I have never received pleasure like that in my life and I came and came over and over again. You climbed up on me and your lips met my mouth, kissing me everywhere. I could taste my sweet cum on your sexy lips. I only thought it would be fair since you did me, that I could taste you.

I rolled you on your back and climbed on top of you straddling you. I sucked and bit your smooth brown breasts. I licked your hard, dark nipples and sucked on them until I couldn't take it any longer. I had to taste your pussy. I licked my way down your body, on your stomach, and then onto your neatly trimmed pussy. I inhaled the scent of your wet pussy and smile at the hint of your sex. I licked at your pussy lips, then I spread your legs farther apart so I could get a nice look at your clit which was sticking out like a little button. You were so wet and I licked and tasted all your juices. I gave your clit one good lick and then started to suck on it
moving it in circles in my mouth. You moaned and screamed out in pleasure wanting more.
I smiled and licked your clit rapidly moving it up and down. I could see your body moving with my every touch of my tongue. Your hips rolled up and down like small waves as I sucked and rubbed my nose against your clit. I buried my face deep into your pussy wanting to taste you more and more. I could feel you legs clamp around my head and start to ride and hump me. You screamed out as I could feel your juices gush on to my face. I licked it all wanted to taste every drop. I stuck my finger inside of you and you came again riding and moving up and down, moaning and screaming, on my fingers. When your orgasm subsided, I kissed your pussy, and climbed up on top you, so I straddled your leg to kiss your mouth. We both sucked and kissed each others mouth passionately. We were sweaty and sticky, but I knew then that I loved you and you loved me.

From then on, we were lovers. We couldn't keep our hands off each other most of the time. It was like that for a long time.Then something happened.You wanted to start modeling again. I told you I was afraid that things would change if you did start modeling. You said, fine then, you wouldn't model. I was happy, but I could tell you weren't.The sex changed. Most of the time we just grinded on each others pussy until we both came. The kissing stopped, the touching stopped. Until one day, I came home, and you were gone. No note, no nothing. I never heard from you again. No one heard from you. You just left. I called the police, they looked for awhile, but then gave up.

Well it has been 7 years since all this has happened and I still don't know where you are.But they don't know I still talk to you on the phone.Kcee, it's like we're old friends again. I will call you everyday and we will be together again.