Sunday, November 30, 2008


I still can't believe that it happened. Everytime I think about it, I feel an intense mixture of nervousness and excitment but definitely, no regrets. It was the single most sensual and enjoyable night of my life and had exceeded all my wildest fantasies and expectations.The night was such a wild mix of emotions and sexual energy that it's hard for me to put into words what exactly happened. It had been so unbelievably unexpected. Let me just backtrack and start from the beginning.Shelly has always been a stunningly beautiful girl. Her shiny, chestnut brown hair falls in waves over her toned shoulders.
Her almond-shaped blue eyes are always sparkling and are able to hypnotize even the coldest of hearts. Her skin glows with a natual radiance that fills every woman that meets her with envy. Her natural 32c breasts are soft and round and are the perfect compliment to the rest of her curves that hug her 5'11 frame. Despite her undeniable beauty, Shelly is one of the most kind-hearted and sensitive people you could ever hope to meet. I had the pleasure of meeting her during my second year of university.It was the first day of the second semester and I was sitting in class just wishing that the class was already over. This was my only 8 a.m. class but I just knew that it was going to be pure hell trying to make it there every Monday and Wednesday. Just as the prof was about to begin his lecture, a beautiful girl came running into the room, out of breath and panting, and sat down in the seat directly in front of me. I was immediately taken aback by her. She looked and even SMELLED like perfection. I could have stared at her all day and I could feel my heart begin to beat just a little faster and I could also begin to feel my pussy throb.I was extremely surprised by my reaction to this girl. I was not a lesbian and I had never had any sort of attraction to women before so this feeling was very new to me. In fact,I had a boyfriend whom I had been with for over 2 years. I immediately disregarded my initial reaction as simply an appreciation for someone so beautiful. How could I not appreciate someone who looks so good? It definitely didn't mean that I was a lesbian. The moment after I had come to terms with what I had just experienced, the girl turned around to face me.Do you have an extra pen? she whispered I rooted through my bookbag, retrieved a pen and handed it to her. She thanked me and turned around to begin taking notes.When the class had finished, I noticed that she was waiting for me outside the room. She handed my pen back to me with a big, friendly smile on her face.

Thank you so much for the pen. My name is ShellyNo problem, Shelly. Nice to meet you. My name is AbbeyThis was the beginning of a great friendship for Shelly and I. We quickly became the best of friends and were completely inseperable. We studied together, went to the movies together and went out clubbing together. It was very rare to see one of us without the other. Within a year, we decided to move in together as roommates so that we could split the bills and help save money for after graduation. Shelly was a fantastic roommate. It was so great to have my best friend there everyday to cook dinner with and spend quiet time at home with. While living together, there were many times when I would experience the same feelings for Shelly as I had had when I first laid eyes on her. At first, it confused and scared me because I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. But eventually, I just accepted it but kept the feelings to myself.

There were many mornings when Shelly would emerge from the bathroom after having just had a shower. She wore a silky, blue bathrobe as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom. Her hard, perky nipples poking through the thin fabric was undeniable evidence that her body was naked and wet underneath the robe. I often found myself trying to make sure that I was in the hallway at the same time she got out of the shower. While lounging around the house watching movies or studying for exams, Shelly liked to be comfortable and wear lounge clothes. There was one outfit that I secretly called her “come and fuck me outfit”. She wore these tiny, blue cotton shorts which showed off her long, lean legs that seemed to go on for miles. Her ass also looked like perfection in those shorts. It looked so round and hard and almost seemed to invite your eyes to rest on it. She would pair the shorts off with a tight, white tank top. You know the type, the kind with the small, spaghetti straps. She would often go braless when wearing this outfit and her big, juicy breasts would spill around the top of the shirt. I would find myself wondering what it would be like to bury my face in my tits and lick both of her nipples. Every time that Shelly wore that outfit around the apartment, I would have the most intense masturbating sessions. Just the image of her tight ass and big, round breasts with hard nipples would get me wet like nothing else.

My pussy would throb with anticipation at just the sight of her and I would have to go to my room immediately to finger myself and rub my clit until I came.I didn’t think that there was any way that Shelly would have any of the same feelings in return for me. She was always out with different guys and every guy that came within 5 feet of her, wanted to fuck her. I knew that I was attractive but I would never be considered in the same league as Shelly. I have long, curly dark hair which I often wear pulled back off my face. I have dark brown eyes and a wide, inviting smile. While my body might not be as voluptuous as Shelly’s, I had never had any complaints. My 34 b breasts are perky and inviting. I have long legs and a small waist so many men think that I’m hot. But did Shelly find me attractive? I didn’t think I would ever know the answer to that question.I continued to have my fantasies for the remainder of the time that we lived together. I would sometimes hear Shelly having sex with her “boy of the moment” and I would find myself pressing my ear up against the wall in order to better hear her moans. She made the most sexy noises when she was about to come. I would rub my clit and caress my tits while imagining that I was the one who Shelly was fucking. This went on until the day that it was time to move out.

I had never told Shelly what thoughts I was having because I was scared it would freak her out and ruin our friendship. Shelly was moving to Los Angeles where she had accepted a job offer for the job of her dreams and I was staying in New York to pursue my own career. The move was devastating and we cried for hours before she left. We promised to keep in touch and then we parted ways. Shelly and I went for almost 2 years without seeing each other but we managed to keep in touch through email and the occasional phone call. About a month ago, Shelly found out that she would be attending a conference in New York City and she wanted to get together to catch up. Needless to say, I was thrilled. We made all the necessary arrangements and I began counting down the days until I would see her again. Before I knew it, the big day had arrived. Shelly had said that she would be at my place sometime after 5. After work, I quickly showered and shaved my legs and my pussy (just in case!) and then lathered myself in my lavender moisturizer that I knew Shelly loved. I had decided to wear my black mini skirt so that my long, smooth legs would be in full view and a tight, red, v-neck sweater that made my breasts look absolutely delicious. Underneath, I was wearing a red, lace bra and matching red thong. Just the thought of seeing Shelly had already made me wet. I could feel the wetness through my thong already. God, I couldn’t wait to see her.Finally, the doorbell rang. She was here! I ran downstairs and opened the door.

For a moment, I was completely speechless. Shelly looked so damn hot, she took my breath away. I felt every nerve in my body begin to throb and my body was aching to be touched. I finally composed myself and we screamed and hugged for several minutes. We made our way inside where we poured a couple glasses of wine and sat down on the couch. I was finally able to fully appreciate what Shelly was wearing. She too was wearing a skirt but hers was even shorter than mine. She was also wearing a light, blue sweater that made her tits stand out and look more full than usual. Her makeup and hair looked sexy as hell and I found myself wondering if she had prepared herself to impress me. If so, it sure had worked. We sat on the couch and chatted for a couple of hours. Before long, we realized we had gone through 2 bottles of wine and we both had a nice, warm buzz feeling in our heads. Shelley rustled on the couch, trying to reposition herself and her hand accidentally brushed against my breast. Without meaning to, I let out a small moan of pleasure.

She had brushed right up against my nipple which immediately turned hard and wanted to be sucked.I was a little embarassed and I was scared to look her in the eyes. When I finally looked at her, I realized that Shelly had been pleasantly surprised by my reaction. Her eyes were sparkling and she had a grin on her face. Without saying a word, she began to slowly stroke my left leg. Up and down my smooth thigh. I was so happy that I couldn’t even move. I just sat there and waited to see what was going to happen. I was scared that if I moved, then she would stop. She never took her eyes away from mine the whole time that she was stroking me. When I didn’t object, she moved her hand higher and higher. I thought for sure, that she was going to rip off my thong and begin to finger fuck me right there but she didn’t. She moved her hand from my thigh, up over my waist until it rested on my left breast. I was now panting and filled with so much desire that I thought I was going to burst. I couldn’t believe Shelly was actually touching me.I finally snapped out of my dream-like trance. I wanted to get my lips and hands on her and feel her hot body under me. I leaned in and began to slowly lick her neck. I started behind her left ear and licked down her neck until I came to her shoulder. I licked and sucked my way over the other side, pushing her sweater out of the way. I slowly made my way up her neck until I came to her mouth. Our eyes met before our lips did. I put my mouth on hers and she hungrily put her tongue in my mouth. We had several hard, passionate kisses before we slowed down to drink each other in. Our hands kept exploring each others’ bodies. My nipples wanted to be squeezed, my pussy wanted to be licked and fucked and I desperately wanted to taste Shelly’s pussy. Shelly pulled back from me and pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a sexy, black bra and her tits looked amazing.

I immediately reached around and unhooked her bra, spilling her breasts free. I leaned forward and buried my face in her. I was kissing and sucking all over her tits. I just couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t believe that she was actually letting me do this. I flicked my tongue over her nipple while I was squeezing her soft breasts and slowly traced a line with my tongue over to her other nipple. She was moaning and breathing in the familiar way that I knew from my many days of listening to her having sex through the walls of our old apartment. I sat up for a second to rip my shirt and bra off. I wanted to feel our naked breasts against each other. I leaned in and we embraced tightly. Shelly reached down and ran her hand up my thigh, this time, coming to a rest over my pussy-soaked thong. She rubbed through the fabric and I could swear that I was going to come right then and then. She reached up and tugged at the top of my thong and ripped it down. I was already gasping for breath when I felt her fingers enter me. It was slow and gentle at first but then she went faster and harder until I was screaming and moaning. I never wanted this to stop. It felt so damn good.I pulled her hand away from my pussy because I was scared I was going to come already. She took her pussy-soaked fingers and traced my own wetness along my nipples before leaning in and licking it off. My nipples were so hard, they could have cut glass.
The feeling of my warm juice and her warm mouth licking it was almost too much handle.

She pulled back from my nipples and began blowing softly on them. The cool air hit my breasts and I think my nipples grew another half an inch. I couldn’t stand it any longer.I leaned her back against the couch and ripped off her skirt. My pussy began to throb even harder when I realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. It’s almost like she had been expecting this. I sat down on my hands and knees on the floor between her legs so that I was face-deep in her wet pussy. She had also shaved her pussy and her juices were everywhere. I leaned in and drank in as much as I could in one big lick. I licked slowly at first, flicking and kissing her pussy lips before moving to her clit. I took it in my mouth and moved my tongue over it until Shelly was uncontrollably writhing underneath me. I moved my tongue down and stuck it in her. Faster and harder, I shoved my tongue into her pussy. She tasted so sweet and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I continued tongue-fucking her until she was all over my face. I knew that she was close to coming, I could tell by the way she had her hips raised off the couch and her legs wrapped over my naked shoulders. I sat up a bit and shoved one of my tits into her wetness so that I could feel it on my nipple. I then moved over and did it with my other breast. The heat of her pussy felt so great on my tits and Shelly seemed to be loving it. I rubbed my breasts over her clit for a few more moments. It felt so good, I felt like I was going to explode. I looked up at Shelly and she was touching and squeezing her own breasts. I knew that I was time.I buried my face in her again. I moved my mouth and tongue over her clit, faster and harder this time. I reached up with my right hand and stuck three fingers in her , fucking her hard with my fingers. Shelly was now screaming and writhing on the couch. Her heels were dug into my back as I continued to lick and fuck her. I reached down with my left hand and began to finger myself.

I was so wet, the juice was dripping down my thigh. I rubbed my clit and fingered myself until I felt the first throes of orgasm taking over. My mouth was closed over Shelly’s pussy and my moans of ecstasy were causing vibrations throughout her clit. Within a matter of seconds, Shelly was convulsing and her clit was throbbing underneath my tongue. I could feel her orgasm closing in over my fingers. She let out one final scream and then just lay back, panting and breathing heavy.Exhausted, I collapsed into Shelly’s thighs and just lay there enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and the smell of our sex. After several silent moments, I looked up and caught Shelly’s eyes. Her face broke into a big smile.Oh My God Shelly said, breathlessly, that was amazing. I have been wanting to do that since the day I met you , I replied I climbed up on the couch with Shelly and we lay naked and sweaty in each others arms until we both fell asleep. We didn’t wake up until several hours later. We didn’t say much to each other when we woke up, I think we were both a little embarassed. She had to leave to catch her flight back to Los Angeles so there was no chance of us having a repeat performance of the night before. We hugged goodbye and this time, our hug was much more intimate. Our full bodies were pressed together so that our groins and breasts were pressed hard against each others.

I was filled with desire again but I knew there was nothing I could do. My fantasy had finally come true but she was leaving now. We said our goodbyes and we promised to see each other again soon. After what we had just experienced, I was going to have to find a way to get to Los Angeles sooner than later. That was about a month ago and I have spoken to Shelly a couple of times since. We haven’t really come out and talked about what happened but last week, I received airline tickets in the mail. 1 round-trip ticket to Los Angeles so it looks like I’m heading out there soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

home work

"Ohhhh, John, that was beautiful. So how's your day now? Still having a 'bad day'?" I giggle. "I'm having a wonderful day," you murmur gently, a soft breathiness coloring your voice. "Wait till you see what kind of NIGHT you're going to have!" I taunt, giggling again. "UH oh," you smile in response. "Oh dear!" I sigh. "I forgot. I brought home some work I have to read before tomorrow. Why don't I clean up this stuff from dinner, and I'll get started on that work. You could go relax, read the paper, or take a shower or something. Sorry love, it's just a few hours of reading. I'll make it up to you later if you are patient." You sigh as well, but smile when you detect the mischievous sparkle in my eyes. "The nite is not yet over," you think to yourself.
I begin to pick up my clothes in preparation to dress, and feel your hand on my arm. "No honey, don't put those back on. Go put on that red and black thing, you know, the one with the black lace trim and those little red ties down the front."

"John, my work......" I whisper, an anxious look on my face. "I promise to leave you alone until your work is done. YOU let me know when you are ready to play. I'm going to take a shower now and then I'll read the paper or watch TV till you finish." After you shower, you come into the living room looking for me. Your eyes travel around the room until you see me reclining on the couch. I'm unaware of your presence in the doorway and this gives you a moment to look at me.
I did put on the red teddy with the black lace trim. It's bright red like the dress I had on earlier and has black lace around the french cut legs, and where it dips down to a V in the front just below my waist. It's almost tied closed with the three little red ties in the front. From where you are standing, you can see the gentle swell of my breasts above the black lace, as I breathe steadily, intent on my reading. The notebook I'm holding is resting on my stomach just below my breasts, and I'm slowly turning the pages as I read. You enjoy watching the subtle movement of my breasts as I lift my arm to turn the page.

The light above my head shines on my hair which is flowing freely on the pillow and around my shoulders. You walk over and kneel beside me on the floor and gently lift a curl which is resting on my upper chest. I feel the hair on the back of your hand barely brush against my skin. I sigh and turn my face towards you. You are twirling the golden curl in your fingers now, feeling its silkiness. I watch your face as your eyes travel the length of my body, enjoying how I feel as I see you look at me. Your finger lightly traces a pattern down the line of skin showing between the ties, and then around the lace at the top of my legs, until you can touch the wisps of hair framing the lace on either side of my teddy. "How much reading do you have, honey?" you ask with barely concealed impatience. "About a half hour more. Maybe a little less if I can concentrate. It's hard to think when I'm wearing this thing!!" I laugh. "All I can think about is when you are going to take it off me." "No honey," you say. "I'm going to let you read. I'll wait till you finish." You walk away and settle in a chair nearby, rustling the newspaper as you bury yourself behind it. I look at you for a moment, sitting there behind that newspaper. All I can see are your legs, and I think about having them wrapped around me when you are deep inside me. I sigh and turn back to my reading.

I'm so intent on my reading, I don't hear you get up and go into the kitchen. But when you return, you stop by the couch again, and ask me, "Want a bite of ice cream?" "In a minute. Let me finish this page." You settle back in your chair with a slightly disdainful look on your face. "What a NIGHT I'm gonna have?" you question. "Newspapers, tv, ice cream!" You set the ice cream down a bit too loudly on the table next to you and pick up the paper again, and rustle it loudly as well, trying to convey your impatience to me. I smile as I close the notebook and silently cross the room and kneel down in front of you. I lightly trail my fingernails from your ankles to your knees, parting your legs slightly until I can rest between them. Peeking under the newspaper, I smile up at you sweetly and say pleadingly, "John, I want my ice cream now!"
You drop the paper to the floor and pick up the bowl and spoon a big bite of ice cream and hold it out in front of me, until I open my mouth to take it. But the ice cream is melting fast and some runs down my chin and drops on your stomach, and you flinch when the coldness hits you. You laugh as you wipe the ice cream off my chin with your fingers. I grab your hand and slowly lick each finger, up and down, seeking the sweetness of the ice cream with the tip of my tongue, and then circling your palm until the stickiness is all gone, looking at you suggestively while I do this.

Then I look at the ice cream on your stomach, which is starting to drip down towards the waistband of your shorts. I lick it up with just the tip of my tongue, and then move my tongue delicately across your waist until I feel you squirm just a little. I lick my way up the center of your stomach and then over to each of your nipples, swirling my tongue around until they become hard. Then I sit back a bit and ask, "Are you getting impatient over here love?""Hmmph" you groan. "There is a limit to my patience, DARLING!"
My hands are idly stroking your sides, moving across your upper chest, down the center of your stomach. My stomach is resting against your lap. I can feel the evidence of your desire beginning to stir and press against my body, feeling your heat through the thin satin fabric. "Just 10 more minutes, love, I promise." "Oh you! You wench! You tease! Just for that!!" You tug gently on the first tie, which loosens quickly and easily, knowing full well the effect this gesture will have on me, as I feel the fabric release its hold on my breasts. My nipples grow taut and press against the wisp of clothing yet covering me, seeking freedom and your touch. You smile teasingly and whisper huskily, "Back to your reading DARLING. I couldn't think of interrupting for the next 10 minutes!" Now its my turn to mumble and sigh! "Hmph!" We both know that this playful game of taunting and teasing is only intensifying and mounting our anticipation and excitement.
When I return to the couch, with my back to you, I slowly and deliberately bend down to punch my pillow just so, and pick up my notebook, knowing full well that you are watching every movement. I can almost feel your loving caress as your gaze moves down my back, follows the curve of my hip, and rests on my scantily clad bottom, before I turn and open my notebook and settle down once again.

I lay with my knees bent, one resting against the back of the couch, and the other idly moving up and down, again absorbed in my reading and totally unaware of the effect my unconscious movement is having on you. The teddy is cut high above the legs, and each time I swing my leg outward, you catch a fleeting glimpse of my golden hair framed against the narrow strip of black lace running between my legs. I try to concentrate for about five minutes, but my thoughts are wandering and are no longer on the words on the page. I sigh, and let the book drop to the floor and close my eyes a moment, savoring the feel of anticipation. Unconsciously, and with my eyes still closed, I touch my fingertips to my neck, and stroke along my collarbone, turning my face to one side. As my hand moves down over my shoulders, I spread my fingers and trace light patterns, moving lower, till my hand comes to rest on my left breast, and I massage until the nipple is hard in my palm. I sigh, open my eyes, and am startled when I notice you watching me with an intensity that bespeaks your own excitement.

I move as if to get up, embarassed, but you cross the room to me, speaking gently in a whisper,"Don't stop honey. Let me watch you." "I can't. I want YOU John."
You sit beside me and undo the second tie on my teddy and pick up my own hand and place it over my breast. "I know you do, but I'd like to watch you." Your hand is softly touching my other breast, until the nipple grows swollen between your fingers. You move your hand over my body, down between my legs and massage the palm of your hand against my mound as I slightly part my legs. You lift me from the couch and carry me into the bedroom, gently laying me on my back in the center of the bed as you sit beside me. You whisper softly, "You know how much I like to look at your beautiful body." I nod slowly, a bit reluctantly. "Don't you like how you feel when I look at you?" You untie the last restraining tie on the front of my teddy and ease the fabric apart, exposing my breasts as you speak, and letting your eyes roam freely, touching each part of me only with the intensity of your gaze. I shudder as I feel a familiar spasm between my legs, and moan softly. "Yes John." "Relax, love. Think of me watching you. I know it excites you, and it will excite me. It will excite me to see you touch yourself." You slowly pull the fabric back over my breasts. Then, taking my hand in yours, you kiss each fingertip and place my hand over my waist. You move across the room and murmur, "Honey, I love you."
I tentatively, hesitantly move one hand over my body, from my waist and over one breast on the outside of my teddy. I pause, uncertain. I touch my right hand to the right side of my neck, and slowly rake my fingernails over the skin, between my chin and my collarbone, rolling my head to one side on the pillow.

I close my eyes, and begin to abandon myself to the sensations of my own hands caressing my body. My thoughts drift to a vision of you watching me, imagining your reaction, imagining your cock grow harder and harder as you see every sign of my mounting passion in a way you have never witnessed before. My other hand moves up the center of my stomach, touching the skin revealed in the opening of my teddy, and I push the fabric apart further and slide the straps down my shoulders. I arch my back until the wisp of lace and satin is pushed down around my waist. My hands travel up the length of my body and rest over each breast, cupping them, massaging and caressing, working the nipples into hard peaks.

My breath is coming faster as my excitement mounts, and I am lost to this thing I am doing for you. I open my legs slightly and move one hand down, working it under the fabric until I can feel my own wetness. I open my legs wider and slide my hand down further, burying my fingertips in my hair which is tangled now and damp from my excitement. I thoroughly wet my finger and then move it up across my body until I can touch each nipple with my wetness, feeling each one grow harder. I then touch the same finger to my lips and stroke it gently back and forth until i can taste my own saltiness. I open my legs yet wider and stroke my fingertips back and forth across my inner thighs, lightly brushing over the pleasure place between my legs.
I'm breathing heavy now, and sighing, seemingly forgetting that you are in the room. But I speak your name, "John?" "Yes, Nicole, I'm here." I can hear a husky, straining sound in your voice as your speak. "Take the teddy off now Nicole. Let me see all of your beautiful body." I slowly arch my back and slide the offending cloth down my hips, until I can kick it off with the motions of my legs. I bend my legs but hold my knees together, uncertain what to do next. I part my legs slightly and place a hand over my hair, feeling the wetness against my palm. "Open them wider Nicole. Let me see all of you love. Lose yourself again honey.....for me." Your voice betrays your own mounting passion and desire, and gives me courage.

I allow my legs to drop fully open and begin to explore the soft folds between my legs, easing myself open, pushing the hair aside to allow my fingertip to slide easily between my opening and the swollenness of my pleasure point. I move my fingertip up and down between my legs, sliding gently with my wetness now evenly distributed, and pausing each time as I touch my rosebud, circling it slowly, enjoy the waves of sensation which are beginning to take hold of me. My other hand continues to stroke my upper body, across my lower stomach, and up over each breast. I shiver and moan as the first sensation of orgasm begins to wash over me. I place a finger inside my opening, feeling the softness and warmth deep within myself. "Aaaaahhhhhh" I sigh, as I withdraw my finger and again circle my pleasure point. My clit is hard and erect and each gentle touch brings me closer to climax, yet I try to hold off, allowing the tension to mount.

I again move both hands over my upper body, allowing my legs to remain open like a blatant invitation, touching my nipples with my wet finger, and feeling myself shiver. As I return my hand between my legs, I reinsert a finger and thrust my hips upward, gently rocking in the motions of lovemaking, and slide my finger back up until I can feel my orgasm begin. My finger circles my clit with a new intensity and my cries fill the room. I'm so lost now, I'm unaware that you have joined me on the bed until I can feel your tongue mingle with my own finger, licking and caressing and pushing me over the edge. You push two fingers deep inside me and slowly move them in and out as your tongue continues to probe and touch my pulsing
flesh."John....oooohhhhhhhhhh, yes......I WANT you now. FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!" My orgasm slowly subsides, and you move between my legs and place your cock just barely inside me. I encircle your flesh with my hand, feeling its length and hardness. I move it up and down between my legs, moaning each time it passes over my still erect clit, as the last sensations of orgasm die away. "John, you are SO hard!! I want you inside me. Fill me with your cock. FUCK ME!!!"
Your cock moves again to my opening and you thrust gently, pushing a few inches within my warmth and wetness, slowly sliding in. I tighten my muscles against you, trying to pull you deeper inside, moaning again, "FUCK me."

You thrust harder, burying yourself deep within me, and I arch upward to meet you, wrapping my legs around your hips. We move in unison, softly moaning with each thrust which brings us closer and you deeper within me. You are hard like never before, filling me and pounding into me. Each time you thrust deep inside me, I feel your skin touch my clit which is still hard and sensitive, and I can feel your balls slap against me with the intensity of your movements.
You cup my face in your hands and I dig my nails into your back, arching yet into you as I tighten the grip my legs have on your hips. Your tongue finds its way into my mouth, seeking mine, until they meet with an urgency equal to the thrusting of our lower bodies.", COME inside me now. I'm there....COME with me. Oh John!"

You can feel the spasms deep within me as I sigh and call your name. Our tongues meet again in a wet, fiery embrace. You tense, and I can feel your cock grow yet harder as you begin to come with an intensity that leaves us both weak and breathless. Your come fills me with each deep thrust, until you collapse against me, whispering my name, mingling the dampness of our bodies together as we are still joined. You tilt your face towards mine until our lips meet in a gentle, soft kiss, and we stay this way awhile, enjoying the sensation of being locked together, feeling our heartbeats against one another and the feel of you within me. "Oh John, I love you." I push the damp hair from your forehead, touch your cheek and kiss you gently again. "I love you too Nicole." You roll off me and pull me into your arms and we settle against each other, allowing our hearts and breathing to slow. "The night is not yet over," I softly murmur as sleep begins to grip us both. "No, it isn't over yet honey......"from

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dominant wife

I love to be sexually dominated, and I am married to a very beautiful young woman who abuses my obedience to the maximum. She knows that when I am sexually aroused there is nothing I won't do for her. She often makes me go a few days without coming, knowing that I will be that much more aroused and submissive.

The other night, I arrived home and found her lying on the couch, wearing a short satin robe. As soon as I saw her I developed an immediate erection, thus becoming a slave to her desires.
She ordered me onto my hands and knees and commanded me to crawl to her side. She then raised her foot to my face and said "Lick my foot slave!"
I happily licked her foot as she rubbed it all over my face. She then pushed my face away with her foot and tossed a satin G-string at me saying, "Put on your uniform, and go draw me a bath, slave!"

I answered, "Yes, Mistress," and went to the bathroom to change into the G-string and prepare her bath. As soon as I finished readying her bath, she entered the bathroom and told me to get on my hands and knees in the tub. I started to remove the G-string, but she told me to leave it on. I got on my hands and knees and she removed her robe to reveal her beautiful naked body.

She sat down in the tub in front of me and said, "Stick your head under the water and eat my pussy slave!" I stuck my head down between her legs and started lapping away. When I came up for a breath, she would count to three and then push my head back into her crotch. When she tired of this she had me wash her entire body. When I finished, she stepped out of the tub, dried herself off, and threw me the wet towel to dry off with.

"I know you love to wear that G-string," she said, "so just keep it on, slave, and go into the bedroom when you're done drying off." I finished drying, except for the soggy G-string, and went into the bedroom. My raging hard-on was sticking out the top of the pouch on the G-string. She walked into the bedroom a few minutes later wearing a red satin camisole, garter, nylons and black patent leather pumps.

She came over to the edge of the bed where I was sitting, grabbed my balls through the pouch, and told me to open my mouth. She then stuffed my mouth with a couple pairs of her panties and tied a scarf around my head to form a gag. She bound my wrists behind my back and tied my ankles together to insure I was fairly immobile. As she finished tying me up I wondered what she had in store for me this evening. She usually didn't tie me up, since I'm always very cooperative.

"Get up, slave!" she ordered. I stood up unsteadily and she pushed me toward the closet. We have a walk-in closet in our bedroom with a mirror on the door. I hobbled toward the closet as quickly as the bonds on my ankles would permit. She opened the door and inside was a chair which she motioned for me to sit in. Once I was seated, she securely tied me to the chair with rope. She reached down and seized my rock-hard cock in her hand and said, "Don't make a sound. Do you understand?" I nodded my head.

She walked out of the closet and closed the door behind her. I was left sitting in the darkness of the closet with a raging erection, not knowing what was next.I sat in darkness for at least an hour before I heard anything outside the closet. I heard the bedroom light switch click and when the lights in the bedroom came on, I was startled by the fact that I could see into the bedroom from within the closet. My wife had installed a one-way mirror on the closet door in place of the mirror that had been there. I could see the entire bed from where I was sitting and nobody could see me.

I about died when my wife entered the bedroom followed by a very young man I had never seen before. She was still wearing the lingerie she had on earlier, but he was completely naked. He looked to be in his late teens-early twenties, and was probably a local college student. He had his hands all over my wife as he followed her onto the bed.

Soon, this guy was banging my wife from behind with a vengeance as they moaned in ecstasy.
I thought I would be jealous, but instead I was extremely turned on. The more my wife enjoyed it, the more arousing it was for me. As he fucked her, she was tell him that her husband was a weak wimp with a tiny dick who could never satisfy her. My cock was so hard it hurt.
They paused briefly to change to the missionary position and I heard my wife say, "It feels so good to be really fucked by a real man, but you'd better hurry because my husband will be home soon."

This guy didn't need any more encouragement. He started pumping like you wouldn't believe. My wife started moaning and trembling in orgasm as he continued pumping. She then reached around his ass and tickled his balls with her fingernails. That was all it took for him as he pumped a load of come into my wife's pussy.
As soon as his convulsions ceased, my wife told him that her husband would be home any minute and that he had better go. He quickly thanked her and left the bedroom to collect his clothes and leave.

My wife remained on the bed with her legs spread, pointing her glistening cunt in my direction.My cock was so hard now that it felt like I was sitting on a steel pipe. My wife rose when she knew her young visitor had departed and walked over to the closet. She opened the door and I thought I would soon be released from my bonds, But I was wrong. She looked down at my raging hard-on with a smile and said, "It looks like you enjoyed the show."

I nodded in approval. She smiled a wicked smile as she untied me from the chair and removed the gag. "Well, he'll be back and he has lots of friends! The fun's not over yet, little slave," she said. "Now go get on your knees at the edge of the bed." I hobbled, as before, over to the edge of the bed, not knowing what could possibly be in store for me now. When I got into position, she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. She then opened her legs and stuck her finger into her still sopping cunt. She then grabbed my balls with her other hand, eased her gooey finger out, and held it up to my mouth.

"Lick it, slave!" She commanded. I licked her finger like a lollipop until it was clean. I could taste the cum of the young stud that had just serviced her, mixed with her own sexual secretions. She giggled as she offered me another gooey finger to lick clean and said, "we've got to make sure we get every last drop, don't we?" I nodded and continued to lick and suck her finger.

When she finished feeding me she looked down at my crotch and said, "I'll bet you'd like to relive some pressure." "Yes!" I gasped, as it was all I could do to keep from cumming at this point.
She just giggled and said, "Well, I don't want you to make a mess all over, so just wait here a minute." She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of plastic wrap. She sat back down in front of me and unraveled a couple feet of the plastic wrap.

"This ought to do," she said, as she tore the wrap from the box. She then wrapped and sealed my engorged cock in plastic wrap, forming a reservoir at the top. "Now you won't make a mess," she said giggling. She then spread some K-Y jelly over the plastic wrap and began firmly pumping my cock. I immediately began to ejaculate, and I watched as I quickly filled the reservoir she had made. She kept pumping for a couple of minutes until she had drained every last drop of cum from my balls, leaving me in a state of splendid exhaustion, and wondering what she would do next. from

Sunday, January 20, 2008

felicitys ass

Veronica couldn't believe her eyes. She had invited Rob to her appartment and now he was fucking her roommate right in front of her. Well, almost in front of her would be a better word since the two were discrete enough to do it in the bathroom. The only problem was that Veronica needed to pee badly and all those sounds coming from inside the bathroom were not helping her at all. To make the matters worse, Rob and Felicity had left the door half open. Every 30 seconds Veronica would make a move towards the bathroom only to see Rob and Felicity locked in an embrace, kissing each other as if they had never kissed anyone. Anyone else would have thrown them out, but Veronica was a shy kind and she didn't know how to throw people out. Neither did she know how to say no.

She had met Rob in the bar on the corner of the street, just sitting there and drinking beer, just like any other man. And yet, there was something about him that had instantly appealed to her. It was a charm that she could not put words to. He had been rather shabbily dressed in torn jeans, long hair that have never been washed and a t-shirt that proclaimed him Jim Morrison fan. Nevertheless, something about him had attracted Veronica so much that she had decided to take the seat right next to him. She had been surprised to find that he actually smelled good.
Seeing Veronica choose a seat right next to him had been a clear signal to Rob. Specially since the bar had been half empty. He had drilled his beer in one gulp and moved over to Veronica, starting a conversation about the God of Cock. And fifteen minutes later Veronica had surprised herself by inviting him over to her appartment that she shared with Felicity. On the way to the appartment Rob had filled her ears with just how beautiful he found her.

Throughout the two minute walk he had showered Veronica with gentle and tender kisses, making her wish for more. On the elevator he had literally gone down on her, pulling her skirt up and caressing her ass while he kissed her mouth. Never in her life Veronica had experienced such a good kiss. They had actually stayed outside the appartment door kissing and making out for five minutes before Veronica realized that people were walking by and pulled Rob into the appartment. That however, she now realized, had been a big mistake.

Just as they had entered the appartment Felicity had gotten out of the shower wearing nothing more than a towel. Her blonde wet hair, her sweet innocent face and her trim body had caused an immediate change of heart in Rob. Where he had been kissing Veronica and telling her just how beautiful she was, in front of the 18 year old Felicity, he had immediately become cold to her. He had taken off his arm that only moments ago had been inside her bra.

Felicity hadn't been much better about it either. The moment Rob had entered she had taken an overt liking for him. And when he excused himself to go to the toilet, so did she. Moments later Veronica could hear the muffled sounds of kissing coming from the only toilet in their small two-room appartment. Only, now the sounds were not so muffled and Veronica could make out just how good a lover Rob really was. The two had passed nearly 15 minutes doing nothing but kissing each other. Everytime Felicity took her mouth off Rob's she would moan loudly. Veronica could imagine Rob's lips licking her roommate's neck just as he had done to her. She could still feel his warmth on the base of her own neck. It got her extremely irritated and now nature's call was added to irritation.

She walked again towards the bathroom, making as much noise as she dared to make. She hoped they would hear her walking, get embarassed and get out of the damned toilet so she could take a leak. They did nothing of the sort, rather the exagerated noice of Veronica's footsteps seemed to turn them on even further. Felicity let out such a loud moan that Veronica was sure that their next door neighbors (who were a gay couple) would come charging at their door. They had already done that once when Felicity had brought home an exceptionally loud lover. Right now, Felicity was making more noise than she had ever done before. Deep within, this excited Veronica some. But that only added to her agony. Still she walked all the way to the toilet, hoping against hope that the lovey-dovey couple would get out and let her pee. She was no longer angry, just anxious. She knew that Felicity was a much better looking babe and she faulted herself for inviting Rob home. She should have gone over to his place.

As she walked to the half open door she could clearly see the two of them. The passionate kissing seemed to have ended and that came as a relief to Veronica. She relaxed her tensed muscles some. That, however, was not a good idea. The moment she relaxed her muscles, she also let go of her control over her vaginal muscles that were holding her from urinating right into her skirt. A bit of pee seeped out, much to the horror of this sexy brunette, wetting her panties and skirt. She exerted more control, holding back her pee.

She looked hopefully towards the bathroom. The kissing had indeed stopped, but it was not because they had heard her come. The action had now shifted to Felicity gorgeous C-cup breasts that looked succulent even from where Veronica stood. She wished she had her mouth on those lovely pink nipples. She had thought about it often enough, but had never had the courage to propose to Felicity. Besides she knew fully well that her blonde mate was crazy about cocks. The idea of lesbian relationship held a slight horror for Veronica too, as something un-natural, but whenever she had looked at Felicity's naked body, those morals had gone out of her head at a lightening speed. Right now, it was Rob who was profiting from Felicity's gorgeous body. Seeing him kiss those lovely pink nipples made Veronica touch her own breasts, which she knew were hardly of the same quality. Though she was only twenty, her breasts had started to sag a little already. She often wondered just how did Felicity manage to keep her's as full and tight.

These thoughts didn't last for long though as a slight pain in her tummu reminded her just how full her bladded really was and just how much she needed to relieve it. She started to turn around to sit on the couch but she stopped in her track seeing Felicity bending down on her knees.Her white towel was completely off and she was now wearing what she had been born in. Her pinkish brown pussy lips were cleanly shaved, the first time Veronica had really seen them. Felicity was now down on her knees caressing Rob's manhood over his pants. Then using her dainty little fingers she opened his zipper. Evidently Rob was not wearing any underwear and his entire cock sprang to attention to the view of both girls. Veronica was surprised to see the size of it. She was sure she would have screamed and ran out had it been her.

That monster cock must have been over 14 inches! Felicity on the other hand seemed to have no such problems. Rather she seemed to be enjoying the long shaft of this shabby looking rock fan. Her hand moved lithely up and down his shaft, caressing it all the way. Then she spit into her hand, wetting it to give more lubrication as she wanked Rob's long dick in her hand. Once it was as hard as she wanted it to be, she brought her sweet mouth over its rather large head and moved her tongue all over it, wetting it some more.Veronica stole a look at Rob's face. It was clear that he was thouroughly enjoying himself. Well who wouldn't? Veronica asked herself looking at her gorgeous roommate again. Her own pussy was now starting to act up, much to her agony. For the more her pussy acted up, the more she got excited, the harder it became to control her own piss.

Then Felicity did something really dirty. Taking off Rob's pants completey, she inserted a finger in his anus, in full view of Veronica. Then she took his cock right in her throat. She pushed her sweet little mouth all over it, taking it deeper and deeper all the way in! Veronica had never seen something like this in her entire life. She couldn't believe that her sexy roommate had just taken an entire 14 inch cock right into her throat. Excitement mixed with surprise left her devoid of control over what happened next. Her pussy gave up trying to control and hot piss streamed out of it. Veronica could feel the warm liquid gushing out of her pussy like torrents of rain that often poured in this part of the world. Her panties were completely soaked inside out and now she could feel the piss dripping out of her.

Within moments her entire skirt was wet both in front and back. Golden warm trickles seeped down her shapely legs. As if by reaction she touched her pussy that was soaked by her own piss. She was extremely embarassed by what had transpired. When she looked down, she was a sizeable puddle that had created right besides her piss. She could feel the dirty smell of urine emanciating from the puddle. Before trying to clean her mess she stole a look at her roommate to see what she was upto.

Felicity seemed to have gotten bored deep throating Rob's monster cock. Rob was now sitting on the toilet seat and Felicity was on him, with her back towards him, riding his long and hard cock. Veronica stole a closer look at her blonde room-mate's pussy. She was surprised that she could see all of it! Felicity had that monster cock rught up her ass and she was moving up and down with a gusto! Just then Felicity looked up and saw Veronica staring at her. For what seemed like eternity, their eyes met, and then she blew a kiss to Veronica.

Already warm by her own piss, Veronica was now hot with embarassement. Yet she did not stop staring back. She saw Felicity's eyes move down her body onto her skirt. They seemed to rest on something. Veronica looked down to see what Felicity was staring at. Indeed it was her skirt wet from her own piss, but it was also her hand which was now moving on its own accord over her hot pussy, masturbating it slowly without her even realizing. She looked back up at Felicity who was now smiling naughtily. Fifteen minutes later, Rob had gone leaving the two girls alone, with Felicity's ass full of his cum. Felicity now lay with her legs in the air so as to keep the hot cum inside her. She had bodily thrown out Rob once he had finished cumming in her sweet little ass. And Veronica, covered with her own piss was now licking his cum from Felicity's sweet asshole. With two fingers she opened up Felicity's ass a bit wider, her roommate too opened her legs wide to give her access. Then putting her tongue inside the tight shit-hole of Felicity, Veronica took out a large blob of thick white cum that was mixed with small amounts of shit from her room mates rectum. With cum in her mouth she moved over to Felicity's mouth.

Their mouths locked onto one another. Felicity moved her tongue deep into Veronica's cum and shit full mouth, sucking out the droplets of Rob's thick white cum that had turned brown with the addition of her own shit. Then she kissed the brunette some more, gently and lovingly. The two girls dozed off in each others arms, Veronica still full of her own piss and Felicity of her shit and Rob's cum.from

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my first gangbang

My name is Nichole and I have to tell you how I got my new job. I was online looking for a jog when one caught my eye. It was looking for young actors with no experience required. I thought that sounded good so I went to the online application and filled it out. It asked a lot of questions that I might of thought were inappropriate at any other time but I was ecstatic with joy at the thought of being an actress. It asked things like my physical stats as I filled out blonde hair, green eyes, 110lbs, 5'10", 19 years old, b32 cup size, 6 dress size and last it asked about any piercing on my body. I answered 2 on each ear, naval, nipples, and clit.

Then it asked things like are you on birth control and are you a virgin to which I answered yes and no. the only other question I remember was how many men have you had sex with? I answered 3 and 1 girl. I submitted the form and started dreaming of my career in acting. About a week later I got an e-mail from them saying I was one of the applicants who qualified and to go for the interview next Friday.On Friday I wanted to look my best so I took a shower, shaved my legs and pussy (something I have been doing since my first sexual relationship when I was 15). I put on my favorite white miniskirt and a white tube top to match as well as makeup. To bring out my eyes I wear blue eye liner and to bring out my lips I wear lip gloss.

I drove down to the address given and went inside. It was a nice looking lobby with some pictures of the owner and other management on one wall. I went to the counter and told the woman who I was and she immediately said to go into the next room for a few simple tests to see your acting skills.When I entered a tall skinny guy with dark hair asked me to sign a few things before we start. One stated that they had the right to video tape any or all of the events that take place. Another that all the information on the application was true and correct. When I signed all those he did a very unexpected thing by dropping his pants and asking my to suck his dick off. I didn't think this was a test but I thought it would help if I sucked his cock so I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking. At first it was just something to get a job but as his dick hardened and grew in my mouth I started to get a bit wet.

I was now sucking his dick as hard as I could and had been for a few minutes but he still hadn't cum. I couldn't believe how much stamina he had; I used to think I wanted to have a boyfriend like this but now I am not too sure. Finally he started to really get into it and he started to fuck my mouth as his dick pulsed and shot stream after stream of hot sperm into my mouth. I swallowed all of cum and then stood up. He said good job as he put his dick away. I was somewhat disappointed because my pussy was aching to be fucked. He told me to go into the next room and wait for the next test.The next room I entered was very large and had a door at the other end and a large bed in the middle. I was greeted by a huge man with a very deep voice. All he was wearing was a bathrobe and it was very apparent to me that this isn't what I was expecting when I filled out the application.

But on the other hand I was horny and this guy is very handsome so I figured I would fuck him. Without request I opened his robe and started to suck his dick. It was much larger than the other mans so I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth. After a little while of sucking his cock I started to rub my clit through my silk thong. Now my pussy was really burning to be fucked so I slipped my panties off and started to finger fuck my throbbing pussy. He saw this and stood me up and walked me to the bed. He pulled my top and my skirt off then proceeded to lick and finger my little pussy. He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as a long awaited orgasm flowed through my entire body. I nearly passed out it felt so good. When I recovered he was just sticking his huge dick in my shaved little pussy.

He first teased by rubbing up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside me. It was more filled then I had ever been in my entire life. He stayed in my pussy like that for a few secants before pulling almost completely out and shoving it all the way back in. after doing that 3 more times he started to fuck my pussy at full speed. I couldn't believe how fucking good it felt and I caught myself screaming "fuck me ,oh god fuck my pussy". now he was holding my ankles up as his dick deeply hammered my pussy. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed though my body. I was quivering and my pussy squeezed his dick hard enough to make him shoot his load deep inside my pussy. Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 men in the room all starring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my pussy red and leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me.

Then one walked up and laid down on the bed next to him and instructed me to ride him. I was so horny I was on him instantly riding him as hard as I could. He reached back and started to finger my ass; I had never had sex in the ass but his finger felt really good and before long he put another finger up my virgin ass. I was about to cum when I felt another dick taking the place of the other guys fingers and pounding my ass. Then another dampening my moans as it slid in my mouth. I felt like such a slut fucking 3 guys at once while others looked on. The 2 new dicks pushed me over the edge as I came trying unsuccessfully to scream because it felt soooo good. It didn't take long for the guys to cum shooting a load in my ass, my mouth, and my pussy adding to the cum already in there.

As they pulled out their spent dicks a few more guys took there place this time I rode one in my ass while I sucked another. My legs spread open exposing the greasy cum covered mess that is my pussy. The smell of sex was everywhere and just then the dick in my ass started pulsing sending me though another orgasm as he shot his balls supply of cum into my ass. I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum dripped out when the guy in my mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my face. I then laid down on my back as 5 guys circled me2 shoving there dicks in my pussy while 2 jacked off and the last shoved his dick in my mouth. Then I felt something being stuck in my ass. At first I thought a dick but it was cold for one and way bigger that a dick. Later I found out it was a beer bottle.

I was completely stuffed. The pleaser was unbelievable as I was fucked hard in every hole. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pool while the guy in my mouth came all over my face. I swallowed what little got in my mouth but most was on my chin and cheeks. Then the other guy who was fucking my pussy came all over my breasts. I felt so used all covered with cum, more dipping from my pussy and a bottle in my ass. Then the bottle was removed and I saw a guy stick I 40 oz beer bottle in my dripping pussy. Then he stuck his own cock in my ass and as he fucked me his pelvis pushed the bottle in. just then both guys who where jacking off came all over my face and breasts. And 2 more replaced them. While one guy came up to fuck my mouth. With my pussy being stuffed to the limit by the bottle and I dick in my ass and mouth I came again. I felt just like a little whore fucking a huge group of guys I don't even know.

After everyone in the entire room had cum at least twice they all left leaving me completely covered in hot cum with at least 30 orgasms dripping out of my ass and pussy. Then another group came in with a briefcase. They pulled out a clear rubber tube and stuck one end in my ass and the other in my mouth and told me to suck. Reluctantly I did and cum filled the tube and poured into my mouth. It was really warm and thick but I liked the taste and swallowed every bit. As I sucked the cum out of my well fucked ass they were scooping cum out of my messy pussy with a spoon and putting it in a cup. Also they were collecting as much cum as they could off my stomach and breasts.

When the tube turned a brownish shade I stopped sucking and then drank the cup. I could barley believe how much cum there was. When they left me my hair was sticky face crusty with cum I felt a slight breeze in my pussy and ass because they were gaping open from all the fucking. I looked at my watch and it said 3:00 am, I had been fucking for 10 hours strait.Then a man came in and told me that they made a tape but not to worry it will be given to me. I was also told that all of the 32 me who fucked me didn't have any STD and that if I wanted a job as a porn star it was mine.from

Saturday, January 12, 2008


My wife of ten years has been a non-smoker up until the last six months, but being an open-minded person, is always doing things to keep our marriage and sex life interesting.
Although a non-smoker, I've always had a little bit of a smoking fetish (I love to watch a good looking woman smoking and I've especially always wanted to see my wife smoking in a sexual situation) but have never told her about it. I had seen her smoking when we were dating, but she was just clowning around. Jennifer didn't inhale or anything like that and she never smoked but one cigarette when she was doing this.
About a year ago we were having pillow talk and she wanted to know what would really turn me on, and I told her I'd like to see her dressed in sexy clothes, a lot of makeup, and smoking a long all white cigarette.

She said she'd have to see about that. Many times since then, while we are having sex, she has brought up the subject of smoking for me. She would tell me how she is going to pull out a cigarette and have me light it for her and seductively smoke it,
You can imagine what that does to me and she knows it. The whole problem was that it looked as if it would never happen and I was getting real frustrated. I decided that she really wanted to keep it just a fantasy and not do it for real.
Now, for one thing, my wife is a really good-looking woman. In addition to just being pretty, she has nice long brown hair, a nice set of breasts (36C) and really good legs. She is 28 years old, we married when she was 18 and I was 21.
And she loves it when we make love.

I thought about how I could help the situation along. The first thing I did was buy some cigarettes. I thought about what kind. I had told her that I wanted her to smoke a long white cigarette, so I knew what I bought would have to be long and white.
I didn't know if I wanted her to get hooked, but I knew I wanted her to smoke a lot for me to spice up our sex life. I had read on one of the message boards about Newport 120s, as well as VS 120 menthols, VS 120 regulars and More white 120s, so I went out and bought a pack of each. I didn't know at the time that Newports has more nicotine than any of the others.
We usually make love about three times a week, at least twice at night during the week and on Saturday morning after we wake up.

I had bought the cigarettes along with two lighters on Friday before I came home from work. I brought them into the house in the briefcase and carried them to the bedroom and put them in my bedside drawer. I decided I would wake up first and put the open packs on top of the bedside tables on each side of the bed. I also got a couple of ashtrays from the den where we had some for other people.
We had a nice night on Friday night and went to bed pretty mellow.
Saturday morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and very quietly took out the cigarettes, opened them and placed two on the bedside table on her side and two on the bedside table on my side of the bed, and a lighter and ashtray on each.

I went back to sleep for a while and woke up with my wife cuddling me and nuzzling my cheek. She was ready for our usual Saturday morning fuck session. She apparently hadn't even noticed the cigarettes and we began kissing and feeling each other up. I played with her boobs for a long while before she asked me to suck on them. After a minute of two of sucking, her head began to go back and forth and I knew she was ready for anything.
She kept trying to pull my hand down to her cunt, but I was holding back.
I whispered baby, you said you were going to smoke for me. I know, she answered, but I don't have any cigarettes. Yes you do. Look on both bedside tables. She looked on her side of the bed and saw the two packs lying there and the lighter. She reached out and picked up the pack of Newport 120s and looked at them.

Well, she said, I've been telling you that I'd do it, so I guess now is as good a time as any. She took one of the long white Newports out of the pack and put it in her mouth, and lit it with the lighter. She had smoked enough at parties and other functions just clowning around to know how the light a cigarette.
After lightly drawing on the Newport to get it going, she blew out a small wad of smoke She then put it back in her mouth and drew a little harder, keeping the smoke in her mouth for a few seconds before blowing it out.

How's that, she said. I told her it was fine, that she looked very sexy smoking a cigarette and that it was turning me on. I was getting as hard as I ever had been. With that, she continued to smoke the cigarette, looking sexier and sexier as she would take a drag, hold the cigarette up near her face, and blow out the inhaled smoke.
All during that time I was giving her pleasure by licking on her nipples. After a few minutes she began to moan from my playing with her breasts. She finished the cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray.

She gasped. Did you like that? I told her I did more than anything we had done lately, and started moving my tongue slowly toward her cunt. Now, she loves it when I lick her cunt, so she urged my head downward.
I said Baby, I'm going to lick you good. Why not smoke a cigarette for me as I do it. She laughed and reached over for another of the Newports and lit it up.
I began licking and her body began moving around and she began to smoke the cigarette. After only a minute of so, I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked hard, just as she was taking a drag off the cigarette. My sucking made her cum all of a sudden and she gasped and inhaled a large amount of smoke into her lungs. She was so surprised that she held it a few seconds and then, without coughing or gagging, she blew a long stream of smoke out of her mouth,.
I didn't know at the time, but it was the first time she ever inhaled. She told me later she felt her lungs get full of smoke and just did the only thing she knew to do and that was exhale it.Oh, God, she said. Keep licking me. That was so good. I kept licking and for the first time, she inhaled deliberately. She had no trouble at all and exhaled the smoke in a long steam.
Oh, I like sucking and smoking, she said. It gives me the most delicious cums. I think I'm going to love this. I wonder how fucking and smoking is?
We found out in a little while.

After I licked her to three more cums (she inhaled on every cum), she snuffed out her second cigarette of the morning. Then we started, kissing again. She loves the taste of her own cum. After a couple of minutes, she said, please fuck me. I want to be on top where I can smoke for you.
I lay down on my back and she crawled up on top of me and lowered her cunt over my cock and sank to the bottom.
Thinking of the previous experience, Jennifer reached for her cigarettes, lighting one with a deft flick of her lighter and inhaling fully, imagining that the smoke would somehow go deep enough into her that it would meet the end of his cock. She held the smoke just a moment longer, and let it slowly pour over his head and upper body.
Spurred on by this display, he responded by rocking his body in perfect synchronization to her rhythm. She took another drag on the cigarette and slowly exhaled the plume. Meanwhile the whole time I'm pumping, she's beginning to feel an uncontrollable urge to let loose with another orgasm. Finally, she came hard and it triggered my own orgasm. My hot cum filling her up inside, and the throbbing restoring the strength of her own orgasm.

Dropping beside me, she took a final pull on her cigarette. After crushing it out in the ashtray on her side of the limo, she looked coyly at me and said, "I could really get into this smoking thing."
She rolled over on her back and announced she was going to smoke an after sex cigarette, something she had seen in the movies and on television and read about in books.
She reached over getting the pack of Newports, lit it and sexily smoked the cigarette. We lay there, side by side, each enjoying her indulgence, while the smoke from the burning end of her cigarette drifted slowly towards the ceiling in a sexual way of its own.
I think I only want to smoke during sex, Jennifer said after a few minutes. It's fun and it really gets you excited. We have plenty of cigarettes now, so it won't be a problem for a while.
We went on like this for two months, I thought, with her smoking only during sex. But, God, did she smoke before, during and after sex. She kept me hard every second she was doing it.
She also fulfilled my original fantasy of seeing her dressed in sexy clothes, a lot of makeup, and smoking a long all white cigarette several times during that period. It only took two weeks before our original stash of cigarettes were gone. I asked her what kind she wanted me to buy and she replied she liked the Newports better. So, I replenished our supply.
But without my knowledge, after the first month of smoking, she began to smoke outside our bedroom.

After admitting it to me a month later, she explained.
I mean, I don't know really why, but a few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my girlfriend Patsy. I was under a lot of stress at work and just wanted to get out for a while. She pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims and lit one up. Watching her enjoy that cigarette just reminded me of the times I would smoke with you, so I just asked her for one. That one cigarette brought me so much pleasure and so much relief from the stress I had been under, that I guess I just wondered if I would feel that way the next time I smoked. So on the drive back to work, I stopped off and bought a pack of Newports for myself. I used the lighter in my car, and just rolled down the window and lit up. And although I have no explanation for it, I experienced that same sense of pleasure and relief.

I didn't know what to think, so I started back on the road and about 15 minutes later, after I started to contemplate all the work I had to do and the work I had in store for me at home and I felt the stress creeping back. So I purposely lit up another cigarette and truly enjoyed it while I was driving down the highway. And with each puff that I took, I actually could feel the stress come out of me as I inhaled the smoke.
Even though I've only been smoking at home during sex, I want to be able to smoke all the time. I can't stand not having a cigarette when I want one and I want one more than just sex.
Would that brother you? I told her no, it would be OK with me if she smoked.
As I listened to her story, I noticed that Jennifer's newly developed urge to smoke had finally taken root, her smoking style emerging well beyond those smaller inhales and thin exhales during our sex sessions.

She now inhaled fully on her cigarette, which looked so delicious between her delicate fingers, clashing agreeably with her long, flowing brown hair. Her inhales showed signs of experience as she, upon removing the cigarette from her lips, opened her mouth to expose a large, thick, blue-white ball of smoke, which she would then sweep down into her still somewhat innocent lungs. Holding the smoke in for a few seconds, she would then turn her head to the side and slightly upward, pucker her lips and release a thick stream of smoke for a second or two.
One breath, however, was not enough to expel all of Jennifer's smoke. In one of the most erotic displays of smoking I have ever seen, thick sensuous cloudy wisps from the remainder of this inhale literally flowed out of her mouth and nostrils for what appeared to be the next five or six breaths.

She's now up top two packs of Newports per day. But she still smokes at work. With her smoking, I'm a perpetually horny lover and we have increased the number of times we make love each week.from

Friday, January 11, 2008


Jill was cold, very cold. It had been almost two days since she had run away from home, and it had been over two days since she had anything to eat! Miserable is how she felt, but not half as bad if she would have stayed in that fucking hell hole her mother called a home! Her father, no make that step father, had been using her either for a punching bag or his own personal little "sex toy", and when she finally couldn't take it anymore, she ran out of the house with just the clothes on her back.

Now here she was, out on the road, all alone, only eighteen years old, no money, and no prospects! "It can't get any worse," she thought, as she pulled her light denim coat tighter around her neck while craning back to see if a car was coming!!! Automatically stuck out her thumb when a big sedan zoomed by, and incredibly, brake lights!!!! It's stopping!!!!
The big black auto came to a stop about two hundred yards down the road and slowly backed up to where Jill was standing. The passenger side window slid down and a deep voice asked if she needed a lift? Without even answering, Jill opened the door and hopped in, sinking down in the deep leather bucket seat while cautiously looking over at the driver and being relieved to see it was a middle aged man in a business suit.

He jabbed his open hand at Jill and offered, "Hello there, my name's Bill Dowd, glad to meet ya!" Jill, taking his hand and shaking it, replied in a small voice, "I'm Jill, thanks for picking me up." They rode along in silence for the next ten minutes until Bill asked her, "Where are you headed to, Jill?" "I don't really know," she replied, "maybe Los Angeles." "You got quite a trip in front of you missy," Bill intoned, "where are you coming from?"

Jill really didn't want to answer all these questions, but she replied, "From Omaha." "Well, I can take you as far as Denver, but then I head north, and you'll wanna go west from there," he said matter of factly. Jill didn't answer, she just leaned back in the seat and soon was sawing logs, so she didn't know how much time had gone by when a gentle shake of her shoulder brought her back to life. "We'll stop here and get something to eat," said Bill, "you look like you could use a bite!" "That's okay," Jill replied, "I'll just wait here if it's all right with you?" "Honey," he said gently, "it's on me, now come on and let's eat!!!" She was famished, and this good Samaritan was making her an offer she couldn't refuse, so she hopped out of the car and joined Bill Doud for supper.

After eating their fill of burgers and fries, Bill pointed the big Lincoln west on I-80, and the miles melted away like butter on hot pancakes unitl at about ten o'clock that evening the lights of Denver glowed in the far off distance. "Another half hour and we'll be there," announced Bill, while keeping his eyes glued to the road. Exactly one half hour later Bill pulled into a truckstop-motel and said, "This is the end of the line, Jill, I don't know what you're running away from, but I hope you find what you need in L.A.!"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out five twenty dollar bills and slid them across the seat to Jill and said, "You remind me of my daughter, use this for a motel room and a good breakfast tomorrow morning, and please be careful of who you ride with, okay?" Tears filled Jill's eyes as she stared gratefully at the older man, and after leaning over and gaving him a kiss on the cheek she said, "I will, Bill, and thanks for everything," and with that she was out of the car and waving as the big Lincoln slowly pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the highway.
The next morning started out bright and sunny as the warmth of the Colorado spring air rained down on Jill's skin. On the western edge of Denver she was trying to thumb a ride but was having not luck, so around noon she dropped in on a greasy spoon for a burger to stop the hunger pangs that were growling in her stomach. The dump was nearly deserted, except for the two rough looking characters seated at the far end of the lunch counter, so Jill ordered her meal and lit a cigarette while waiting for her food to be delivered.

One of the guys at the end of the counter noticed her and leaned over and said something to his buddy, which must have been funny, because they both ended up laughing their guts out. They finished eating and were walking past her, when the bigger of the two stopped and asked her, "You on the road, baby?" Trying to act tough, Jill blew a cloud of smoke in his face and retorted, "What's it to you anyway!?!" The big burly man eyed her with a quizzical smile and replied, "Well, I just thought you might need a lift, but if you're gonna act like a little cunt, I don't give fuck!" He turned an started out the door, when Jill called out, "I'm going to L.A., and yeah, I could use a ride!"

He turned back to her, and said, "We're leaving in five minutes, so if ya wanna come along, be ready to go, cuz we won't wait!" Jill ate her sandwich in four big bites, guzzled down her Dr. Pepper and was out of the door in a flash. The two men had hopped onto big Harley Davidson choppers and were just firing them up when the big guy motioned to her with a nod, indicating for Jill to hop on!!! After sliding her leg over the rear wheel and settling onto the thick saddle, the scruffy rider leaned his head over his shoulder and said, I'm Duke, and this is Cletus, glad to meet ya." Jill nodded at Cletus and yelled over the rumble of the big Harleys that her name was Jill as Duke dropped the big bike into gear roared off onto the highway, leaving a trail of dust and flying pebbles in their wake. "Finally," she thought, "I'm on my way to California!!!" Well, as she was soon to find out, not exactly!!!

About eighty miles west of Denver Duke and Cletus exited the interstate and were soon traveling on a blacktop road deep into a mountain pass. Jill asked several times where they were going, but Duke either didn't hear, or was ignoring her. A little ball began to tighten up in Jill stomach, that gnawing feeling you get when something doesn't feel right, and the ball tightened a little more when the two bikes made a turn onto an unused dirt road. After ten more minutes of bumpy riding, a make shift camp of tents and leantos came into view, and from a quick calculation she figured that there must have been twenty other choppers parked in a row along the road and a score of dirty bearded men and their women sitting around campfires cooking supper.

Several men came over to meet Duke and Cletus when they got off their bikes, and it was apparent right away that they showed a lot more interest in Jill than she wanted them to! One of them asked, "Who's the new whore?!?" "Oh her," Duke answered with a nod of his head, "I picked her up at a slop house back in Denver, since Grace left, I've been lookin' for a new bitch, and it looks like I found her!" Duke had turned to look at her when he said "and it looks like I found her", and she knew right away that he had said it for her benefit. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and half dragged her over to one of the tents set up in the rear of the camp and threw her inside.

She started to protest, but she was knocked to the ground by the back of Duke's huge hand, her head now spinning from the force of the blow!!! She could taste blood coming from a cut on the inside corner of her mouth, but before she had a chance to complain, Duke was on top of her in a hot second, ripping a tearing her clothes from her body. Jill was not a large person and Duke easily overpowered her even though he was using only one hand,while gis other was busy sliding down his Levi's, exposing a turgid erection with a large purple head!!! This was a pure and simple rape, but Jill was helpless to do anything about it, and out of the corner of her eye she could see several of Duke's buddies and their women watching the older man enter her small tight vagina. She let out a scream when he drove his sex piston deep into her unlubricated cunt, but he couldn't have cared less and continued his onslaught on her now bleeding hole.
The only good thing about it, was that Duke didn't have much stamina, blowing his load rather quickly. Jill though it was all over, but unfortunately for her, it was just the beginning, as Duke was quickly replaced by another biker who slammed his stumpy pecker into her pussy until he had blow his load! Jill wasn't sure how many men fucked her that afternoon, but she remained conscious through the whole ordeal, once getting physically ill while getting fucked by a particularly smelly biker! When it was finally over, Jill heard Duke say to one of the women standing in the tent door, "Clean her up and get her ready for tonight, I'm gonna get something to eat!" Jill started to pass out, the only thing on her mind being, "What happens tonight!?!"
A tough looking woman who called herself Carla sat down next to Jill and carefully dabbed her face with a warm wash cloth. Jill could still feel the sting from the slap across her face, but other than that she didn't feel to badly so in a soft barely audible voice, Jill asked Carla, "What is going to happen to me tonight?" Carla continued bathing the frightened girl and answered, "The second half of you initiation." Jill looked searchingly into Carla's eyes and pressed further, "Am I going to be raped again?" "No," Carla answered, "you're not going to be raped!"
"Then what," Jill begged?!?" Carla looked at her friend Kim who was sitting next to her, and then turned back to Jill and said, "Let's show you what you must do tonight!" Carla leaned over and kissed Jill full on the lips, while Kim got down between Jill's legs and slowly began tonguing her pussy. At first repulsed by the lesbian aspects of what was happening to her, she soon found herself grinding her pussy into Kim's hungry mouth while Carla pulled away for just a second to ask Jill, "How old are you honey?" "I'm eighteen," Jill answered, while reaching up to pull Carla's mouth back to hers. When Kim heard Jill say that she was only eighteen, her own cunt began leaking profusely, excited at the prospect of having such a young slut to feed on!
Jill's vagina, still sore from the gang bang she had endured less than an hour before, was being soothed by the gentle if not relentless licking from the biker bitch Kim. Jill had large breasts for a girl her age, and Carla left the warm wetness of her mouth, and began sucking fervently on Jill's pointy nipples. The mixture of pain, tit sucking, and cunt lapping finally took its toll, and Jill had a very hard orgasm in Kim's warm mouth, and as it was the first oral sex climax she had ever had, its intensity momentarily stunned her! Both women kept their mouths attached to the young slut, only now they merely nuzzled and kissed her shell shocked sex organs. Tired and sore, Jill fell into a deep if not fitful sleep, with both Kim and Carla still licking and sucking on her tits and vagina.

It was dark outside when Jill awakened from her slumber, finding that she was totally naked and her body had been rubbed with perfume scented oil. Duke appeared at the tent door and ordered her to follow him, using a tone of voice that let her know that it would not be a good idea to disobey him.

She followed him out of the tent, the cool night air causing her nipples to harden and stand tall on her buxom chest. She was greeted by hoots and catcalls from the biker clan, both male and female alike, and three other naked biker bitches waited for her by the fire, dancing to the beat of hard rock music that blared out of a battery powered boom box. Each of the women had several tattoos on her body, one with the name of her old man, and the other her bitch nickname. Jill also noticed that each of the bitches had a small brand in the shape of a skull and cross bones on her right buttock, and there in the fire was a hot branding iron that Jill assumed would be used on her in the very near future!

Duke threw her on a large blanket next to the flames and told the three nude women to go at it. The next thing Jill knew she was entangled in a mass of naked female flesh, with mouths biting, nipping and sucking at all of her openings. What Jill had experienced earlier that day in the tent occurred again in front of forty spectators, as she had a huge orgasm, this time harder than the one before!!! She screamed in ecstasy while the three biker bitches had their way with her, sucking her ripe young vagina until her little clit was sticking out erect through her light blonde pubic hair. When she felt completely satiated, a mound of fur settled over her mouth, and a tart salty taste touched her lips while very wet cunt was pressing down on her face, smearing its hot juices all over her cheeks, causing her to gag for a moment, unable to catch her breath while the big cunt covered both her mouth and nose at the same time!!!

Riding Jill's face, the big pussied bitch finally situated her clit right over Jill's tongue, and then with a fervent pressure indicated where she wanted Jill to suck. Other hands began playing with her own pussy, and soon the tight feeling in her dripping cunt returned in earnest. Jill had had her share of orgasms, usually self induced, but her young body was like a sexual race car, capable of so much more than a normal woman, and it was very apparent that this little bitch was becoming addicted to the feel of shattering climaxes in her high strung pussy, so she was a little surprised when she felt a huge cock entering her cunt and this time she accepted it with ardor! She found out later that it was Duke who was fucking her in front of the entire clan, his big cock plowing in and out of her now wide open vagina. The bitch riding Jill's face was having orgasm after orgasm courtesy of Jill's wandering tongue while Jill's cunt muscles contracted around the thick meat in her pussy, driving both she and Duke over the orgasmic edge! Both of them roared, Duke out loud, and Jill into open cunt of the woman riding her drooling mouth as their organs whipsawed back and forth in an orgasmic explosion!!!

After several moments of recuperation, Duke announced it was time for the final initiation. The three naked women held Jill down, with her ass high in the air while Duke pulled out the red hot branding iron and held it high in the air for all to see, it red glow bright in the dark night air. With one movement he held the iron on Jill's right ass cheek, the sizzle of burning flesh be drowned out by her painful scream. Salve was quickly applied to the branded area, and loud clapping of hands welcomed the new bitch into the fold. When Jill stood up, she naturally gravitated to Duke, her new old man. Her ass burned like the devil, but she was actually happy, because she had found a new home!from


It was nearly midnight as I plodded through the woods next to the old paper mill off of Highway 59. I had sneaked out of my house through the window in my room just an hour before. This is the place where I always went to calm myself and think.

I was walking down the path that my feet had eventually worn into the foliage on the ground. I could smell the pine as if that smell were intended just for me. All that my eye could see in all directions was the huge pine trees generously spaced throughout the forest and shrouded in darkness. The ground was cluttered with pine needles and the sky with stars.
I reached the clearing where I had erected a crude hut just six months ago. As I approached, I noticed that the plank that I used as a door was slightly cracked. I circled around to the other side toward the window as quietly as I could, fearing that some pot heads had found my retreat. I approached the window and peered inside.

I was caught totally off guard by what I saw. There was a girl of about eighteen years old lying on the mattress that I had stolen. Her clothes were scattered around the room randomly, and she was lying with her eyes open staring right at me. She was quite attractive with short brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her face had no visible flaws and her lips were thin and wet.
I noticed to my surprise that I was not embarrassed or frightened, but fascinated with her perfect hips and firm breasts. As she sat up slowly, and not out of surprise or fear, but curiosity, I noticed that I had become very erect.

She said to me in a perfectly comfortable voice, "Come in."
So, I obviously went around to the front and walked through the door. She was sitting on the bed with her thighs slightly parted, but not quite open enough for me. She stood up and walked over to me. She led me over to the bed and began to take off my button down shirt. I could feel the blood pumping through my very hard genital and I went into a daze.

She removed my shirt and went straight for the button of my pants. As she was unbuttoning them, I kicked off my shoes to avoid confusion. Then she unzipped my zipper and sat me down on the bed. She pulled my jeans off and cast them aside. My erection was creating a rather large bulge in my underwear. She reached for them and began pulling them off. As she got them past my penis, I felt the cool air caressing it and I longed to put it in her warm wet mouth.
She dropped my underwear on the floor and cupped my penis in her hand. A shiver ran up my spine as the touch of her cool fingers penetrated my awareness. She bent down and I noticed her extremely luscious hips. She put her tongue on the tip of my penis and I thought that I was going to yell out.

She slowly encased the tip of it in her mouth, encircling it with her lips. Her lips slid down it as her tongue pressed against me. She moved up and down, sucking firmly, and I felt the wetness of her saliva and the warmness of her tongue together. It was almost painful because the pleasure was so intense.

She continued slowly but smoothly for a minute or two with my hands running through her hair and my head thrown back into a position of ecstasy. Then she lifted her head off of my penis, cupping it in her hand again, and she kissed me square on the lips. I opened mine as she opened hers, but our tongues did not meet at first. I felt the wetness of her lips that had just been on my lower body now on my lips.
She kissed me like no other girl ever had. She closed and opened her mouth at just the right times, and she rubbed my penis at the same time. Then, as I opened my mouth again, our tongues met for a fleeting moment and withdrew. I extended my tongue again and she caressed it with hers. Our tongues did a bizarre dance together while she stroked my penis to the rhythm of our kiss.

My hands slid down her side as she rolled over on hers. I slid them around her legs to her inner thighs. She opened her legs and I caressed her pubic area with my fingers, making sure that I did not touch the clitoris. The urge to ram my fingers into her was very strong but I held off and just messaged her inner thighs with my fingers.
She was pulling on my penis faster now and her kisses were more intense. With no hint at all, I let my index finger slide over her lubricated clit. She gripped my back with her free hand and let out a slight moan. I messaged her clitoris, rubbing my finger up one side, down the other, up the center, and so on. She was pulling on my penis so fast now that I had to purposely concentrate on not having an orgasm.

I removed my hand and she removed hers as I slid down the bed to kiss her. I gripped her hips with my hands and began to lick her thighs right next to her opening. I licked in a semicircle just above her clit to the other side and then down her thigh. I then concentrated on teasing her clit, not quite touching it with my tongue.
She was running her hands through my hair and gripping my head firmly. She cried out in a soft but desperate voice, "Please!"
I would not give in. I caressed her labia with my tongue, but I did not touch her clit. Finally, as her grip on my head tightened, I went strait up her clit with my tongue. She let out a satisfied whimper as I began tonguing it. I licked with a firm tongue up one side, down the other, and up and down the middle. I formed patterns of the alphabet with my tongue.
Finally, after the taste of the juices had saturated my awareness for a while, I lifted my head up and returned to my position on top of her. I leaned on one arm and help my penis with the other. I guided it to her opening and touched it to her, being sure to miss the clit again. I used it to rub her and make her wish that I was in her. She was whispering, "Now... Now..." and I put it into her, but only about half an inch. I moved very slowly up and down, but only fractions of an inch.

She panted in a demanding voice, "Enter me, please! Please!" After a little more teasing, I quickly thrust and entered her. Her cavity was warm and slippery as I moved my hips up and down, meeting with her gyrating hips. I had to concentrate again on not reaching climax until I finally felt her hands grip my back, her thrusts speed up, her breath being held, and the muscles inside of her contracting on my penis. I finally released myself and I felt the come rushing out of me in almost violent pumps.

As we were both climaxing, I gripped her back so tightly that she let out a small yelp, and I felt her fingernails drawing blood from my back.
Then the tension was released from my body in a rush and I collapsed on the bed next to her. She collapsed also and we slept that night, arm in arm.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

personal sex ad

I hung up the phone and just sat there. Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my brain, I was just beginning to realize that I had just answered a personal ad. Shit, was I this desperate? God, I hoped not. And I really didn't think I was. I had never read them with the intent of finding that "special someone...."
I read them more out of curiosity than anything else. I always started off reading the "Women seeking Women" section. Like many other males, had a secret fantasy to be with two girls at once. Of course, I never expected my fantasy to take place, but it was still fun to dream, right?
Then I paged back to the "Women seeking Men" section. I breezed through a few of them, getting a couple of good chuckles. Personal ads always remind me of the farcical ads placed with Opus on "Bloom County": "Single, sincere white female, 43, wishes to meet single, sincere, limber Eskimo who's into tattoos, bananas, gargling Windex, Barry Manilow inflatable dolls, cactus, sleeping with large tomatoes, and snake wrestling in Jell-o pudding."
And, of course, the last line was: "No freaks."(*) As I was reading them, I noticed that the small, weekly newspaper that ran the personal ads was trying out a new system. Each personal ad was accompanied by a voice ad. All one had to do was call a local number, punch in the "mailbox" of the ad I wanted to hear, and it would be played for me. I thought that was an interesting twist, so I decided to try it out.
I brought the paper home with me and dialed the number. I scanned the paper and found one that sounded interesting. I punched the mailbox number and sat back to listen. After the announcement, I decided that the voice message was actually a pretty good idea. It gave somebody a little more to go on. It was a little easier to determine the person's personality by listening rather than just reading a newspaper ad.
I listened to a couple more. Finally, I decided that I was just going to listen to one more and then go do some work. The last one in the section caught my eye. It read:
SWF, 25, honest, romantic, adventuresome, equally comfortable watching a movie or being outside playing sports. 5'9", 135, light brown hair, blue eyes. Professional woman. Seeks SWM, 23-30, who is honest, laid back yet not too laid back. Prefer my height or taller, dark hair with light eyes, but am willing to negotiate. Box 1384
That sounded particularly interesting. I dialed the box number and sat back to listen.
I could hardly believe my ears. First of all, her voice was so sexy. It didn't even seem like she was trying, either. And then what she was saying was enticing, too. She was really into sports, both watching and playing. She felt equally comfortable eating at Taco Bell and at a fancy restaurant. She was a marketing rep for a telecommunications firm that sold voice mail products. She didn't qualify herself as desperate for turning to a personal ad. She just said she was open minded and wasn't going to cut down her options.
In her description of her ideal male, she almost perfectly described me. The only thing she left out was my name. It was really uncanny. The clincher was that she liked men that were honest and open "to a fault." Now I fit that perfectly. There was a saying among my friends in college: "if anybody thinks a thought which should not be said because it would be inappropriate due to the circumstances, Jeff will say it."
In fact, I have always prided himself on my honesty. I am extremely blunt. I don't mince words. Which was why I was single now and not still dating Michele. She just couldn't deal with it. Drove her crazy.
So I debated with myself for two days on whether or not to call and leave a message for this girl. I was just at the lower end of her age spectrum (I turned 23 two weeks ago). Finally, I decided that it couldn't hurt to try. Hell, if she was strong enough to leave a message, I was strong enough to reply.
I got home from work and dialed the number to leave a message. "Hi, my name is Jeff. I listened to your voice ad. It's pretty uncanny, but you basically described me. All you lacked was my name. A little about myself: I'm 5'11", 170 pounds. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. My favorite activities are sports. I play just about every one there is.
My favorites are tennis, football, and skiing. I played football for the University of Michigan for two years before I had to quit due to an injury. I also really like to watch movies, both at home and in a cinema." I then told her about the saying my friends had about me at college. Finally, I left my phone number in case she was interested.
Nothing happened for two weeks. I wondered what was going on, and toyed with leaving another message. But I thought better and even started to curse myself for leaving the message in the first place. I walked into my apartment and saw that there was a message on my answering machine. I put my briefcase down on the counter, fixed myself a sandwich, and listened to the message while eating the sandwich.
It was her. Pam. She had been out of the country on a business trip and so she wasn't able to check and answer her messages. She apologized profusely. She then indicated that she was interested in meeting me. She left her number and requested that I return her call.
After the answering machine shut off, I wasted no time. The sandwich in my hand, long forgotten, dropped to the floor immediately as both hands reached for the phone. I listened as the phone rang... once... twice... three times. Finally, it was answered... by her answering machine. I waited, and after the tone, left a message. I was just concluding the message when she picked up the phone.
"Hi, Jeff! I was hoping you'd call. I just walked in from work." That sexy voice was there again.
"Hi, Pam. I thought we might be playing more phone tag. How are you?" I replied.
We got the preliminary stuff over, and then settled down to a deep discussion that ranged over a number of topics. Compatibility didn't seem to be a problem. We got along great. Finally, about 4 hours later, we decided that we should get together and meet in person. We threw about plans until we decided on meeting at a small restaurant. We set the time for the next evening, then hung up.
I couldn't concentrate at all the next day at work. Mostly, I just sat there and stared off into space. I tried to picture what she looked like in my mind, using the description she gave. Of course, there were many possible variations based on that information, but I settled on the best-case and worst-case scenario. I knew that she'd be somewhere in between them, but I hoped closer to the best. Time crawled, but finally I finished up and went home to change my clothes.
I looked into my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. "I feel like a girl. I'm looking into a closet full of clothes, but I can't figure out what to wear," I muttered to myself. Finally, I decided to go somewhat casual, so I grabbed a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. That would have to do. Besides, it's what I normally wore, so if she didn't like it, she wasn't for me. That part was easy.
I drove to the cafe. It seemed like forever before I got there. I parked my car in the little lot behind the restaurant, and scanned the other cars in the lot, trying to figure out which was hers. I finally gave up and walked into the restaurant.
The restaurant was essentially empty. There was one person at the counter, and he definitely wasn't my date for the evening. I glanced down at my watch, and noted that I was about 10 minutes early. So I grabbed a seat, a booth in the back, and sat down and tried to relaxed. My heart was beating a little faster than normal. I ordered a Coke and started watching the door, looking for her.
One minute dragged into five. Five into ten. Still no sign. I thought back to the phone conversation the previous night. I was sure that I was in the right place at the right time. At least I was if my memory served me correctly. "Oh, stop it," I chided myself. "You're just nervous. She'll be here."
And indeed she was. I recognized her immediately as she walked in the door. I waved to her, catching her eye. She strode to the back of the restaurant where I was seated. Being a gentleman, I stood up and introduced myself. We shook hands and met eyes. Time seemed to freeze. We didn't notice the waiter approach us to ask if the lady would like a drink; we just stood there frozen in the handshake. Finally, the waiter was able to break the spell and we sat down.
My scenarios were wrong. She didn't look anything like the girl that I had pictured. Initially, she wasn't even close to my best-case scenario. But there was something undeniably sexy about her. It might have been the way she carried herself, the way she walked, that gleam in her eyes. Her smile definitely helped. She had a beautiful smile. It lit up her entire face. I also noticed that she had incredible legs.
Although she was walking toward me, I could still tell. And I could tell that they were really smooth and creamy. She had kind of pale skin, with just a hint of a tan. Those blue eyes were extremely beautiful, too. They were at once open and seemingly innocent, but lurking behind there was a certain kind of mischief. My heart nearly thumped in my chest now that she was there.
We dove into the conversation at once. Soon, our food was served, but the conversation never stopped. Our mothers had always told us to eat with our mouths closed and to never talk with our mouth full, but tonight all rules were off. We sat there and talked for about two hours. Finally, we decided that we should go. I opened the door for her, and on the way out I suggested that we go for a walk around one of the small lakes downtown. She looked at the sunset and then at me and said yes.
We started out around the lake, amazed by the beauty of the setting sun reflected off the smooth lake. The setting was almost too perfect, like some scene out of a Harlequin romance. As we walked, we slowly edged closer together. I finally decided that I would try my luck (although, it really wasn't that much of a chance) and I put my arm around her. She immediately moved closer to me so that my arm would reach farther around her. I rested his hand on the rise of her hip. Several things exploded in my mind.
This just feels so natural, so good, so right. There was also a huge, quasi-electric spark that hit my brain when I first rested my hand on her hip. I was sure that if my brain really was a microchip, there would be smoke rising from it from overload. Before I really even realized what I was doing, I had turned her around to face me, and I was kissing her. About 5 seconds into the kiss I realized what I was doing. And if there would have been smoke before, the whole thing would have blown up now.
I placed my lips on hers, and felt her hesitate for a moment, surprised. Then she returned my kiss with full force. All romantic feelings we felt for each other were set aside during that kiss in favor of the unbridled lust we felt for each other. The kiss became more and more intense, and soon our tongues were dancing together. We also were hugging each other tightly.
We broke the kiss and stood there looking at each other for a moment. We walked arm in arm for a while longer before she dragged me off the path toward an apartment building. She dug in her pocket for her keys, explaining that she lived there. She finally found the key, and soon we were on our way up the stairs to her apartment.
She unlocked the two locks and opened the door. We walked in through the entryway, and she locked the door behind us. She walked into the kitchen and stopped, looking around, seemingly puzzled. That's all the farther she got.
I met her with a kiss in the middle of the kitchen. Again, our kiss became almost desperate. As my tongue explored her mouth I could hear her little moans of passion. I pressed into her, kissing her more deeply. That only made her hotter. We started to grind together as we kissed.
My hands ranged southward to cup her ass. I gave it a couple of gentle squeezes and felt her respond against me. She didn't waste any time: she slid one hand around and started rubbing my growing erection through my pants. I let out a sigh of pleasure.
I took that as a cue that I could progress further. I let go of her ass and started massaging her breasts through the sheer blouse she wore. But that wasn't quite good enough, so I unbuttoned her blouse. She shrugged it off her shoulders without even breaking the kiss. The blouse dropped to the floor around our feet. I reached back and unsnapped her bra with one hand. That prompted her to break the kiss. "Impressive." I smiled back with pride and looked down to see what I was uncovering.
Her breasts were about medium sized, with dark nipples that were hard and pouty. They sagged just enough to give credence to their size. I played with the edges of her breasts. I worked my way inward until I was almost at the nipple, then I worked my way back out. Meanwhile, I had kissed my way from her mouth back to her ear. I began to nibble and suck on her earlobe.
I could tell that Pam was trying to shift her breasts in my hands so that I would have to touch her nipples. It seemed like she was aching for him to touch them. I continued to nibble on her ear and tease her breasts. She was breathing harder now. I then moved down to her neck, still kissing and nibbling. That drew moans from her. It was time for the kill.
I paused with my hands, then pinched both of her nipples firmly. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. She uttered a small shriek. She began to tremble as I rolled her nipples. She moaned once more, then slumped against me. "Oh my God. That was so good! Enough of this... I want you now!" she said between pants. I was only too happy to oblige. I backed her up against the kitchen table and started working on the zipper on her skirt. I unfastened it and let it drop to the floor. With a flip of her leg, Pam kicked the skirt so that it ended up right next to her blouse.
I marvelled at her panties. They were black and lacy, hiding just enough to be extremely sexy. I then slid those down her legs, caressing her legs on the way down, and finding that my observations about them were right on the money. They were extremely creamy and smooth. I kissed her legs on the way back up. She unbuttoned my shirt, removed it, and threw it on the floor. My pants were next, although she did have some trouble unbuttoning them in her frenzy. My boxers soon followed. She looked down and stared at my erect penis. I'm not overly long, but I am pretty big around.
I kissed down to her breasts and started kissing each nipple. I alternated pinching them between my lips and sucking on them. I left a trail down to her bellybutton and stuck my tongue in it. That elicited a moan and a little giggle. As I kissed down further, I lifted her up on the table so that she was sitting on the edge. As I neared her pubic mound, I could smell her musky aroma and it drove me wild. I immediately dove in with my tongue. I licked along the lips, feeling her tremble with pleasure. Her taste was unusual, but delicious nevertheless. I made a couple of laps around her lips before I used my hands to part them. I glanced up and down the rift, seeing her clitoris and the opening farther south. I saved the latter for later, and feverishly attacked her clit.
As soon as my tongue touched her clit, she jumped, almost knocking me over, "Ohmigod!!" I slowly swirled around her clit, using my hands to try to keep her hips in one place. I pushed down and around on her clit, eliciting excited moans that bordered on screams. I started being more firm on her clit, working in some sucking. Again she started trembling uncontrollably, so I had to stop. "If you stop right now, I'll kill you!" she screamed at me. Faced with that, I dove back in. I have one long suck on her clit and she mashed her pussy into my face, letting out a load moan. She hit my face two more times before she relaxed, slumping back on the table.
I then noticed that my face and chest were drenched. I've been with some women that were "moist", but after this one I felt like I'd been through a rain forest. Not that I'm complaining. Her scent surrounded me and drove me even crazier.
She looked at me, dripping with her juices, and motioned me over to her. She took my penis in her hands and drew it to her mouth. She gave me a couple of long strokes which nearly sent me over the edge. She was talented with that tongue! She took me out of her mouth and proceeded to drag me onto the table by my erection. Of course, I followed without a moment's hesitation.
When I was finally up there, she shoved me onto my back (she wasn't taking no for an answer). She the clenched teeth. My reply was unintelligible. It felt so good. She was so wet and so tight at the same time. It was indescribable.
She sat there for the longest time, with a look of total contentment on her face. "Just keep this thing inside of me and world peace will arrive in our lifetime," it seemed to say. Then agonizingly slowly, she began to move up and down. Her moans became a long low lustful groan.
Looking back, I was afraid that my face would be frozen like that because of muscle cramps. I tried to keep up with her pace, but even as athletic as I am, she quickly out paced me. I just couldn't keep up. Not that I really needed to. She was doing enough work for a threesome.
I was concentrating so intently on the passion in my hips and her expression of total bliss that I almost didn't hear the small moans and screams that she was emitting as she experienced small orgasms. They seemed to emerge from a fog.
Finally, I just couldn't take any more. "OH GOD I'M CUMMING!" I yelled as I started pumping furiously up into her.
At the critical point, I thrust upward and held my hips up. I was in that position for what seemed like an eternity before my body finally let go of the tension that had built up. My orgasm felt more intense as I could feel the streams of semen pouring out of me.
And apparently that was all she needed to go over the edge. "Oh, yes, your hot come feels so goood!" she screamed back at me as she trembled faster and faster. She arched her back, threw herself back down on my penis one more time, and froze.
She then slowly relaxed and finally slumped against me.
Totally exhausted, she allowed all of her weight to rest on me. I just laid there and held her, caressing her back. We stayed like that for about 10 minutes before she raised her head. I leaned my head up and kissed her. She broke the kiss and smiled at me. "That was beautiful!" And all I could do was nod in agreement.
She suggested that w we would be more comfortable. I agreed, and we started shifting around to get down from the table. We heard a huge creak, and the table finally gave out. One of the legs broke and the table collapsed.
We got up from the floor where we had been unceremoniously dumped and looked at the poor table. It had held up just long enough. "Forget it, it was an old table. Besides, it was more than on the kitchen table. We made love all night, finally falling asleep at about 5 am. It took every ounce of will I possessed to leave her when the alarm went off. I went home, showered, dressed, and went to work.
Now whenever my coworkers read the personals for kicks during lunch, I just sit there and smile to myself. And when they ask me how I met my new girlfriend, I just smile at them, and tell them the answer is in their hands.